Fostering Success: 10 Ways Missouri Military Academy Provides Structure and Support to Cadets

Fostering Success: 10 Ways Missouri Military Academy Provides Structure and Support to Cadets

At Missouri Military Academy (MMA), we are committed to nurturing young minds and instilling a sense of responsibility. MMA has strategically crafted a 360°Education that goes beyond academics, offering a holistic approach to cadet development. Below, see a list of a few ways MMA provides structure and support for cadets within our 360° Education, setting the stage for success in both academic and personal endeavors. Our combination of thorough planning, personalized attention, mentorship and a strong support network ensures that every cadet at MMA is supported as he learns to take command of his future.

1. Plan of the Day: Every evening, cadets at MMA receive a comprehensive Plan of the Day (POD), detailing the schedule and uniform requirements for the following day. This meticulous outline not only ensures cadets are well-prepared but also fosters a sense of order and clarity. The POD serves as a roadmap, guiding all cadets, faculty and staff, promoting cohesion and a shared commitment to excellence.

2. Technology Limitations: The Academy is dedicated to providing the technological infrastructure needed to support cadets’ education and provide a safe environment for residential life. However, to help cadets with healthy technology habits, WiFi access for cadets is restricted to this schedule:

  • Sunday through Thursday, the network will be turned off from 10:30 p.m. to 5:30 a.m. the next day

  • On Friday and Saturday, the network will be turned off from 11 p.m. to 6 a.m. the next day

In addition, parents may request restricted, or downgraded, laptops for their cadets. These laptops only access websites that have been explicitly approved for academic purposes at MMA.

3. Small Classroom Ratios: MMA recognizes the importance of personalized attention in academic growth. With an average class size of 14 cadets, and many classes hosting fewer than 10, instructors can focus on individual needs. This small classroom setting enables instructors to tailor their approach, addressing diverse learning needs and providing the necessary support for each cadet to thrive academically.



4. Company Leadership Advisors (CLAs): Integral to the support system at MMA, Company Leadership Advisors (CLAs) work within cadet barracks, directly overseeing the safety, security and well-being of each cadet. Collaborating with faculty, coaches and staff, CLAs play a pivotal role in character development, mentoring, counseling, discipline, and overall accountability during a cadet's time at MMA.

5. Guided Study Hall: Supplementing academic support, MMA provides guided study hall for all cadets. These sessions provide a structured environment where cadets can reinforce their learning and seek assistance. This additional support ensures that cadets are equipped with the tools needed for success in their coursework.

6. Inclusive Athletics: MMA understands the holistic benefits of physical activity. Every cadet actively participates in MMA athletics, which fosters cadets’ mental, emotional and physical well-being. No one is left on the sidelines, and the inclusive nature of MMA's athletic programs promotes teamwork, resilience and a healthy lifestyle.



7. Cadet Leaders as Role Models: Recognizing the impact of positive peer influence, MMA employs a system where cadet leaders serve as role models and helps provide guidance to their peers. For pre-teen and teenage boys, this mentorship approach proves effective, allowing them to receive and internalize guidance from upperclassmen who have navigated similar challenges.

8. Brotherhood: Beyond individual mentorship, the corps of cadets at MMA form a close-knit brotherhood. Shared experiences, encompassing both struggles and successes, create a foundation of social and emotional support. This camaraderie strengthens resilience and fosters a sense of belonging among the cadets.



9. State-of-the-Art Security System: Safety is a top priority at MMA, and a state-of-the-art security system is in place to monitor cadets and ensure the overall safety of the campus. To enhance security and provide peace of mind of families, 258 surveillance video cameras cover our 288-acre campus.

10. Strict Cell Phone Policy: MMA’s policy permits cadets to bring one phone and one smartwatch to campus, a privilege maintained by cadets in good standing. Cadets are required to check in their phones with their advisor on Sundays, and they can only check them out on Fridays for use during the weekend. Seniors and high-achieving cadets may be allowed to keep their phones during the week, but only if they meet certain academic and deportment requirements. Phones are not allowed in the academic building, at off-campus academic classes, athletic practices, home athletic games, Sunday services, or any corps activities or events designated by the commandant.

The policy also outlines specific unauthorized activities, such as cyberbullying, taking inappropriate pictures or videos, using a cell phone to break any Academy rules or violating the Honor Code. If cadets break any of these rules, they may lose their phone privileges and/or face disciplinary action.


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