Cadets Receive MMA Equestrian Program Awards

Cadets Receive MMA Equestrian Program Awards

In May 2023, Missouri Military Academy (MMA) Equine Coordinator Christy Nowlin recognized cadets for their accomplishments in the equestrian program. A comprehensive horseback riding course, the equestrian program teaches cadets horse management and care; horsemanship techniques such as saddling and mounting; and horseback riding techniques like walking, trotting, cantering and galloping.

Congratulations to the following cadets for their achievements! 

  • Certificate of Completion – Charles Davidson, Peter Didicher, Roy Kioko, Zhaokun Li, Etienne Guishard, Christian Stamp, Alexei Kester, Xiang Chen, Giovanni Martinez, William Remshardt
  • Horsemanship Riders of the Year – Roy Kioko, Charles Davidson
  • Rider Performance Award – Alexei Kester
  • Amateur Trail Leader – Etienne Guishard, Giovanni Martinez
  • Most Improved – Giovanni Martinez
  • Integrity Award – Peter Didicher, Xiang Chen
  • Most Dedicated – Christian Stamp, Lukas Joiner

See photos of cadets with their equestrian program awards on Flickr.

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