MMA Cadets Honored with Discipline Awards for 2019-20

Congratulations to the Missouri Military Academy cadets who received the Meritas Discipline Award. The Meritas Discipline Award is given to cadets who, for the entire 2019-20 academic year, received no tours. Click here to download photos.

Meritas Discipline Award:

  • Andrew McCaffery, 11th grade
  • Daniel Knight, 11th grade
  • Bruno Kuzwayezu, 11th grade
  • Ruby Kagaragwa, 12th grade
  • Phasakorn Cunningham, 11th grade
  • Charles Davidson, 9th grade
  • Nathan Dempsey, 8th grade
  • Zach Siccardi, 12th grade
  • Fred Intwali, 11th grade
  • Bryce Bowen, 11th grade
  • Thinh Nguyen, 10th grade
  • Angelo Urdaneta, 7th grade

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