Delta Company Encourages Fellow Cadets to Seek Excellence During Vespers Service

On Sunday, October 6, 2019, MMA’s Delta Company planned and led a Vespers service that inspired cadets to make the most of their MMA experience. Held every Sunday, Vespers is a nondenominational service that focuses on self-reflection and personal growth.

The service was presented under the leadership of Delta Company Commander Bruno Pozzani, a senior from São Paulo, Brazil. Delta Company Executive Officer Chia-Wei Hsu, a senior from Taipei, Taiwan, acted as cadet speaker and reader for the service.

During his speech, Hsu offered an encouraging message about how cadets can use their MMA experience to achieve personal excellence.

“I’ve heard many of you, new boys and old boys, complaining that you don’t get to make your own choice here at MMA. But actually, you do. You can choose, and you have choose to either stay living under the radar and even worse keep letting yourself get in trouble, or you can choose to seriously attempt to seek excellence and perfection in everything you do, no matter if it’s something you want to do or something you were ordered to do, and try to have an even more wonderful and colorful MMA experience than the one I had,” Hsu said.

“You have to make the choice now. And I honestly don’t see the reason for any of you to pick the first one, because I see that each one of you sitting in the audience have some natural gift with you that will make you shine. And you should take every opportunity here to make your time at MMA not only worthy, but also extraordinary.”

Hsu went on to further encourage his fellow cadets:

“ … I hope that whatever obstacle you encounter, you will be thinking about the efforts and determination you put and showed during the Maroon phase and during the Crucible, and keep sprinting forward towards the goal. I believe that by keeping the motivation and the dedication, we can accomplish many, many incredible things together. I wish that I can witness more and more of you to participate all the exclusive programs we offer here, and more and more of you seeking to get beyond the limit that you set for yourself.”

Hsu’s speech was given a rousing standing ovation and a personal compliment and handshake for from Academy President Gen. Geraci.

After speeches, music was performed by the MMA Choir and String Orchestra under the direction of Cadet Kevith Sangster, a sophomore from Las Vegas, Nevada, with accompanist Stephen Maziarz. 

As a special addition, the corps of cadets sang happy birthday to Cadet Kellan Mugisha, a freshman from Kagali, Rwanda.

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