Cadets, Faculty and Staff Honored During 31 January 2024 All-Academy Assembly 

Cadets, Faculty and Staff Honored During 31 January 2024 All-Academy Assembly 

The first all-academy assembly of the new year was held on January 31, 2024, in Centennial Gymtorium. Below, please find a list of the cadets, faculty and staff who received special recognition during the assembly. The assembly also included the New Cadet Resolution (see feature photo above).

Photos are available on MMA’s Flickr account.

The Evensong ribbon was presented to those cadets who showed exemplary conduct in the preparation and performance of the 82nd MMA Evensong on Dec. 9, 2023. In addition, the following faculty were recognized for a great performance: Mr. Stephen Maziarz, Pipe Major Stuart Mackenzie, Mr. Rob Dalton, Mr. Ted Brauker, and Mr. Brad Smith.

Evensong Readers (led by English Department Chair Rob Dalton)

  • Cadet Nathan Dempsey
  • Cadet Matthew Hallam
  • Cadet Brayden Phelps
  • Cadet Bradley Thumbi
  • Cadet Braden Atterberry
  • Cadet Evan Batson
  • Cadet Gabriel Ontiveros
  • Cadet Samuel Way

Choir (led by Choir Director Ted Brauker)

  • Cadet Jacob Stallone 
  • Cadet Justyn Daigle
  • Cadet Luke Joiner
  • Cadet Issac Krentz
  • Cadet Garrett McKinney
  • Cadet River Punab-Mitchell
  • Cadet Eric Shellabarger

MMA Academy Band Instrumentalists (led by Band Director Brad Smith)

  • Cadet Miles Mathews
  • Cadet Justyn Daigle
  • Cadet Hayden James
  • Cadet Kruze Hagan
  • Cadet Lucas Keen 
  • Cadet Edward Keith
  • Cadet Michael Pfeifer
  • Cadet Alexander Pro
  • Cadet Landon Meyer
  • Cadet Jacob Stallone
  • Cadet Sean Mumm
  • Cadet Sage Fuller
  • Cadet Logan Lockheart Guditis
  • Cadet Angelo Urdaneta

Cadet Pipers (led by Piper Major Stuart Mackenzie) 

  • Cadet Adam Swenson 
  • Cadet Mason Brooks


New cadets repeated the following oath at the assembly:

My goal in life is to become a citizen of the highest integrity in my community. To this end, I resolve that:

  • Honesty and integrity in thought, word, and deed shall characterize my relationships with others.
  • Excellence shall be the hallmark of my endeavors.
  • Respect and consideration for all persons and their property shall be my resolve.
  • Strength of character shall be my objective as I strive to achieve greater self-discipline and the highest physical, mental, spiritual, and moral development while at MMA.
  • Responsibility shall be my watchword, both in my obligations to others and my commitment to my own objectives and ideals.
  • Remembering that noble thoughts inspire noble deeds, I shall aspire to a life of honor, courage, and service to my family, myself, my community, and my country.


Academic Fourragère

Cadets who earn a GPA of 3.5 for two consecutive marking periods are granted the privilege of wearing the Academic Fourragere for the next marking period.

Delta Phi Honor Society 

This society was founded under the guidance of Major Marquess Wallace in May 1929. The purpose of Delta Phi is to foster high ideals of character, to encourage scholarship, to promote the best interest of the corps of cadets and to cherish and preserve the traditions of MMA.

Click here for the Academic Fourragère list and Delta Phi list

National STEM Honor Society Recipients 

The following cadets completed a minimum of four STEM classes with a B or A for MP 3 and 4 of academic year 22-23 and MP1 – 2 for academic year 23-24. 

  • Cadet Bataa 
  • Cadet Erskine
  • Cadet Hernandez
  • Cadet Krull
  • Cadet Laszlo
  • Cadet Olson 
  • Cadet Pfeifer 
  • Cadet Phelps
  • Cadet Quiroga 
  • Cadet Roach 
  • Cadet Trippe 
  • Cadet Vo 
  • Cadet Zhou

National STEM Honor Society Middle School Recipients 

The following middle school cadets completed a minimum of three STEM Classes with a B or A for MP 3 & 4 of academic year 22-23 and MP1 – 2 for academic year 23-24. 

  • Cadet Clingenpeel 
  • Cadet Emminger 
  • Cadet Junquera 
  • Cadet Koester 
  • Cadet Lewis 
  • Cadet Mumm 
  • Cadet O’Dwyer 
  • Cadet Winters 

National Honor Society 

Membership in the National Honor Society is open to members of the junior and senior classes who have earned a cumulative GPA of 3.70 or better. A cadet's GPA simply makes him eligible for membership consideration.  Cadets must also excel in the areas of leadership, service and character.

The following cadets are members of the National Honor Society:

  • Mason Brooks '25
  • Nathan Dempsey '24
  • Dallas Grantz '25
  • Kruze Hagan '25
  • Malachi Imrie '25
  • Miles Matthews '25
  • Ryan Miles '25
  • Michael Pfeifer '25
  • Tiago Ruas '25

National Progression Award 

The National Progression Awards for Piping are exams that are carried out by approved assessors through The Piping and Drumming Qualifications Board in conjunction with The Scottish Qualifications Authority and the National Piping Centre in Glasgow. There are five levels to these awards from 2 - 6. These exams are based on national standards of teaching assessment and enable a consistent approach to the study of Scottish Bagpipes in Scotland and internationally. These National Progression Awards in Scottish Bagpipes cover the practical skills and knowledge of theory that pipers need for performing on Scottish Bagpipes. The recipient of this award, having successfully passed level 2, is the first cadet in any military school in the U.S.A. to achieve this award.  

Congratulations to Cadet Mason Brooks!

Legacy Pins 

Legacy Cadets are current cadets who are the sons, step-sons, brothers, grandsons, step-grandsons, nephews or cousins of an alumnus who completed at least one full year here at MMA, Wentworth Military Academy or Kemper Military School and College. 

Legacy Cadets are recognized by being able to wear the Legacy Pin, which was presented to them by Major Paul Petit '85. 

The following 2024 mid-year Legacy Cadets were recognized:

Cadet Enkhtulga Enkhutuvshin '26
Legacy of: Cadet Tsog Dulguun '25 

Cadet Adam Keen '27
Legacy of: Cadet Lucas Keen '26 

Cadet Mateo Eaton Villarreal '26
Legacy of: David Eaton '23 


The following employees were recognized for their service to Missouri Military Academy.  

  • Rachel Wallace — 5 years
  • Mike Harding — 10 years 
  • Cheryl Morris — 10 years 
  • Pearl Newbrough — 10 years 

Teacher of the Semester
Danielle Dorks

Missouri Military Academy teacher of the semester Danielle Dorks with President Geraci

Company Leadership Advisor of the Semester
Robert Abbott 

Bravo Zulu Awards 

One of the highest compliments paid in the U.S. Naval forces is the Bravo Zulu. The combination of the Bravo and Zulu nautical signal flags is a naval signal, typically conveyed by flag hoist or voice radio, meaning “well done” with regard to actions, operations, or performance. This award symbolizes the achievement of excellence.

The following individuals were recognized for outstanding performance with the Bravo Zulu Award: 

  • Doug Wright
  • Sandy Garfield 
  • Tom Allen
  • Bernie Strunk 
  • Jennifer Allen 
  • Chief Jason Landrum
  • Brandy Howard 
  • John Grantham
  • Assistant Dean Ranae Clement
  • Lori Vandercrake
  • Jefferson Grantz 

President’s Award for Excellence 

  • Mark VanDuyne was recognized for his excellent performance and leadership as a member of the Maintenance Division.
  • Julie Welch was recognized for his excellent performance and leadership in Accounts Receivable in the Business Office.

President’s Gold Star Award 

The President’s Gold Star award is the highest award an individual employee may receive. This award is given at the president’s discretion for outstanding achievement and performance consistently and substantially exceeding the expectation or making an important or significant contribution towards the mission and vision of the Academy. 

Mike Harding (Dean of Academics) received the President’s Gold Star Award to recognize his leadership from 2019 to 2024. During this period, Harding has been involved in every aspect of improving and delivering an exceptional and rigorous academic program of instruction, resulting in improved ACT scores, a 100% college acceptance rate, and millions of dollars in scholarships awarded to our cadets. 

Jenny O’Donley (Director of Marketing) received the President’s Gold Star Award to recognize her outstanding performance from 2019-2024. During this period, O’Donley has been proactively involved in every aspect of positively marketing the Academy with outstanding news articles, letters and media releases. Her invaluable contributions have significantly influenced the wonderful partnership with our parents, and it reflects her selfless commitment and dedication to the Academy.

Cadet News

MMA Cadets Earn Medals at 46th Military School Band & Choir Festival 

Missouri Military Academy (MMA) band and choir competed in the 46th Military School Band & Choir Festival, held February 16-18 at Virginia Military Institute. Accompanied by Pipe Major Stuart Mackenzie, Choir Director Ted Brauker, Band Director Brad Smith and Activities Director Elliot Goodwin, the cadets performed well, earning several medals for their performances. 

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