Cadets, Faculty and Staff Honored at Jan. 11, 2023 All-Academy Assembly

Cadets, Faculty and Staff Honored at Jan. 11, 2023 All-Academy Assembly

An all-academy assembly was held on Jan. 11, 2023, in Centennial Gymtorium. Below, please find the list of the cadets, faculty and staff who received special recognition during the assembly. Photos are available on MMA’s Flickr account


Recognition of faculty and staff for a great Evensong performance: Mr. James Garrett, Mrs. Christina Stout, Mr. Stephen Maziarz, Pipe Major Stuart Mackenzie, Mr. Rob Dalton and Ms. Joan Cotton.

Choir (led by Choir Director Mrs. Christina Stout)

  • Cadet Jace Allen
  • Cadet Tsengeg Bayasgalan
  • Cadet John Branham
  • Cadet Elijah Canonico
  • Cadet Justyn Daigle
  • Cadet Alvaro Gonzalez Farre
  • Cadet Etienne Guishard
  • Cadet Riley Hanley
  • Cadet Anthony Melick
  • Cadet Garrett McKinney
  • Cadet River Punab-Mitchell
  • Cadet Jacob Stallone
  • Cadet Lucas Sydlewski
  • Cadet Carlos Villarreal

MMA Academy Band Instrumentalists (led by Band Director James Garrett)

  • Cadet Carlos Ahuja
  • Cadet Peter Didicher
  • Cadet Roman Gabriel
  • Cadet Kruze Hagan
  • Cadet Benjamin Huynh
  • Cadet Hayden James 
  • Cadet Aidan Kester
  • Cadet Alexei Kester 
  • Cadet Jayden Lewis
  • Cadet Logan Lockhart 
  • Cadet Miles Matthews
  • Cadet Josiah Emminger
  • Cadet Sage Fuller
  • Cadet Landon Meyer
  • Cadet Joshua Miller
  • Cadet Sean Mumm
  • Cadet Luke Ott
  • Cadet Michael Pfeifer
  • Cadet Alexander Pro
  • Cadet Jacob Stallone
  • Cadet Jose Ruvalcaba
  • Cadet Angelo Urdaneta

Cadet Pipers (led by Pipe Major, Mr. Stuart Mackenzie)

  • Cadet Colten Fred
  • Cadet Kamil Sanchez 
  • Cadet Adam Swenson


Academic Fourragere

Cadets who earn a 3.5 for two consecutive marking periods are granted the privilege of wearing the Academic Fourragere for the next marking period. 

Delti Phi Honor Society

The society was founded under the guidance of Major Marquess Wallace in May 1929. The purpose of Delta Phi is to foster high ideals of character, to encourage scholarship, to promote the best interest of the corps of cadets, and to cherish and preserve the traditions of MMA. 


Teacher of the Semester: Chris Schafer (photo below). Schafer was recognized for his exemplary service, dedication and commitment to excellence. Chris’s commitment to MMA is apparent through his past services as an alum, and every day he brings that same passion into the lives of our cadets, his teaching and his willingness to support all areas within MMA life. He is an engaging teacher who shares his commitment through word and, most importantly, deed.  

Company Leadership Advisor of the Semester: Doug Wright (photo below). Wright, a senior company leadership advisor, received this award due to his devotion to the corps, support of the MMA mission and his exemplary display of professionalism.

Bravo Zulu Awards

One of the highest compliments paid in the U.S. Naval forces is the Bravo Zulu. The combination of the Bravo and Zulu nautical signal flags is a naval sign, typically conveyed by flag hoist or voice radio, meaning “well done” with regards to actions, operations or performance. 

The following individuals were recognized for outstanding performance with the Bravo Zulu Award: 

  • Will Allen
  • Leslie Dickherber
  • Brandy Howard
  • Matthias McManus
  • Pearl Newbrough
  • Linda Rice
  • Christina Stout
  • Tori Webber

President’s Award for Excellence

James Garrett was recognized for his excellent performance as the MMA band director and for his leadership that resulted in many outstanding band performances and accomplishments from August 9, 2021, to December 17, 2022. 

Joseph Steven Maziarz was recognized for his outstanding performance as the piano accompanist for many special events from January 4, 2022, to December 17, 2022. 

Jim Holloway was recognized for his excellent performance and leadership of the Ekern Cadet Health Center from January 4, 2022, to December 17, 2022. 

Bernard (Bernie) Strunk was recognized for his excellent performance, leadership and management of the facilities and maintenance division from January 4, 2022, to December 31, 2022.

The General Clifton Gates Medal 

  • Lt. Doug Wright (third General Clifton Gates Medal)
  • Nathan Hancock

On Sept. 30, 2022, Lt. Doug Wright and Nathan Hancock displayed the highest level of professionalism, teamwork and attention-to-detail while addressing a medical emergency that a fellow employee was experiencing. 

President’s Gold Star Award

The President’s Gold Star award is the highest award an individual employee may receive. This award is given at the president’s discretion for outstanding achievement and performance consistently and substantially exceeding the expectation or making an important or significant contribution towards the mission and vision of the Academy. 

Penny Bealmear received the President’s Gold Star Award for her outstanding loyalty, work ethic, the high quality of her work, and the invaluable support for the director for enrollment management. 

Rick Grabowski, the commandant of cadets, received the President’s Gold Star Award for his outstanding loyalty, leadership, work ethic, care and concern, and training programs for the MMA Corps of Cadets. 

Greg Seibert received the President’s Gold Star Award for his outstanding loyalty, leadership, work ethic, initiative and success in bringing cadets to the Academy. 

David Wilkins, chief information officer, received the President’s Gold Star Award for his outstanding loyalty, leadership, work ethic, technical expertise, creativity, analytical skills and team work supporting the staff, faculty and cadets.

Cadet News

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