Cadets Celebrate Completion of Mid-Terms with Party

MMA hosted a Well Done Celebration on Thursday, October 17, 2019 to congratulate cadets on the completion of their mid-term exams and to recognize the hard work they did in preparation for them.

“We wanted cadets to know we see them. We see their effort, hard work and consistently good performance both academically and behaviorally. We wanted them to know are proud of them,” said Assistant Academic Dean Jaime Schutte. “The celebration also gave them an opportunity to connect with teachers in a different way within the boundaries of structured, mandatory fun! It was a blast watching high school boys play twister and eat ice cream sundaes.”

At the celebration, cadets enjoyed snacks and refreshments, and played board games, card games, athletic games and more with each other and faculty in the Centennial Gymtorium.


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