Cadet Bruno Pozzani Prepared for Leadership this Summer

In addition to his attendance at the 2019 Future Business Leaders of America (FBLA) Leadership Conference in Texas this summer, international MMA student Cadet Pozzani practiced leadership at the Missouri Boys State (MBS) 80th session by running for governor.  

At the FBLA Leadership Conference, Pozzani competed in the FBLA Global Business Competition and attended workshops on leadership and presentations for Business Ethics, Sales Presentation and Emerging Business Issues.  

At Missouri Boys State, Pozzani gave a speech in front of over 1,000 people in his run for governor at the Joint Party Rally. His governor victory came after a loss in his run for mayor earlier that week.  

But Pozzani considers his initial setback a valuable learning experience that helped him secure his victory for governor.  "If I didn't lose, I wouldn't have this point of view that I have now," he said.  

In addition to his recent political races at MBS, Pozzani serves on the Clark City Council and is a delegate to the county committee for the Nationalist Party. Altogether, these recent experiences have given him clarification in the future he plans to build for himself – his focus shifting from business to politics.  

"The beliefs and values that Americans have of integrity, being truthful with one another, it's really impressive,” Pozzani said. “I want to bring that to my whole life."  

Last year, Pozzani served as Public Affairs Officer for the Battalion Staff Group at MMA. Among many of his awards at MMA, he is the recipient of the Meritas Plaque for Excellence in Discipline and The Babe Ruth Sportsmanship Award. He also received academic distinctions in English I and II, Speech and Debate. 

MMA is proud to congratulate Pozzani on his accomplishments this summer, and moreover, recognize his outstanding, independent drive towards continuous self-improvement.  

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