2019-20 Art and Music Awards

Congratulations to the Missouri Military Academy cadets who received the following art and music awards for the 2019-20 academic year. Click here to download photos. 

MMA String Award: Nathan Dempsey, 8th grade 

Awarded annually to a cadet who best shows commitment and dedication to the String Program.  

Alumni Association Award for Most Outstanding in Art: Gunner Stugart, 12th grade 

Given to a cadet that has shown outstanding capabilities in all art mediums. The award honors Javier Campuzano ’82, a Mexican sculptor who designed the bronze hands sculpture, natatorium bronze plaque and the bronze Col. Stribling III sculpture.  

Crain-Jorishie Jazz Musician Award: Bryce Bowen, 11th grade 

Awarded to the cadet who is best player in the MMA Jazz Band. The award honors Jeffrey Crain '76 and Jeffrey Jorishie '76, MMA alumni who were band company commander and drum major, respectively.  

Jack Meyers Cup for the Most Creative Cadet: Samuel Feldmann, 12th grade 

Given to a cadet who is thought to be the most creative cadet in the corps. The award honors John “Jack” Meyers ’39, who was a producer for ABC Music.  

Streep Brothers Band Award:  

  • Michael Machary-Pagan, 10th grade 

  • Collin Eastman, 12th grade 

  • Griffin Roberts, 11th grade. 

Awarded in recognition of their active participation in music performances and studies, and for their loyalty, punctuality and qualities of a good band member. The award honors Foster Streep ’30, Byron Streep ’29 and Dale E. Streep ’41.  

John Philip Sousa Band Award: Noah Royse, 12th grade 

Awarded to a cadet who has been a pinnacle of achievement in a high school band. The award honors John Sousa, also known as "The March King," an American composer and conductor known primarily for American military marches.  

Philip Russell Outstanding 1st Year Contribution to Chorus Award: Nolan Madrigrano, 10th grade 

The award is given to a cadet who has demonstrated high standard over the academic year in Chorus. The award honors Philip Russell ’68 who was a member of the MMA chorus as a cadet, as well as a member of the football, wrestling, baseball, tennis and fuslieer teams.  

Col. Paul F. Cherches Award: William English, 12th grade 

Awarded to the cadet who is considered the most valuable band member through his dedication to the gift of music. The award honors Col. Paul Cherches, MMA’s director of music between 1950-1989.  

LTC Elmer R. Jackson Music Award:  

  • Dongyang Chen, 12th grade 

  • Derek Nguyen, 12th grade 

  • Robert Downing Abbott, 12th grade 

Given to cadets who have the most distinguished service to the music program. The award honors Elmer R. Jackson, a former MMA employee who served MMA for nearly 50 years. Jackson served as MMA’s band director from 1931-1950 and an admissions counselor from 1950-1978. 

Senior Award for Portfolio Achievement: Ethan Blitz, 12th grade 

Art Achievement Award – High School: Jaden Rogge, 12th grade 

Art Achievement Award – Middle School: Alexander Coile, 8th grade 

Creative Arts Award: Mauricio Trevino, 12th grade 

Middle School Music Achievement Award: Landen Meyer, 8th grade 


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