Alumni Award Winners and Recognitions at the Alumni Awards & Donor Recognition Banquet

MMA is proud to recognize our award winners and donors from the 2019 Homecoming Alumni Awards and Donor Recognition Banquet. We are honored to recognize our supporters and share the strength of our great MMA community.

The following awards and recognitions were made.

1889 Scholarship Fund Supporters

Through this scholarship fund, alumni can make a monthly commitment of $18.89 to help cadets with a financial need attend MMA and receive the life-changing educational experience they once benefited from.

Donors recognized at the banquet include:

  • Tom Troll, Class of 1968
  • Richard Cooper, Class of 1982
  • Rob English, father of Cadet William English
  • Dan Erdel, Board of Trustees member
  • General Richard V. Geraci, Academy President
  • LTC Paul Gillette, Class of 1972
  • Hunter Jenkins, Class of 1985
  • Terry Logue, Class of 1972
  • Eric Martinson, Class of 1996
  • Steven McDavid, Class of 1997
  • Paul Petit, Class of 1985
  • Sanders Roth, Class of 2004
  • Michele Ryan, mother of Derek Ryan, Class of 2015
  • Chris Schafer, Class of 1989
  • Carl Tegtmeier, Class of 1962

MMA Alumni Association Paul Gillette Alumnus of the Year Award

This award is given to an alumnus who inspires and sets an outstanding example for current cadets, who has shown success in life, spirit of community and support of his alma mater. It originates from LTC Paul Gillette, a six-year cadet who, after a successful military, medical and aviation career, served MMA on the Alumni Board of Directors and as MMA alumni director, junior school commandant and coach.

This year, the Paul Gillette Alumnus of the Year Award was given to Dana Dabney ’69.

After serving in the U.S. Army, Dabney started a telemarketing company, and later served as chief financial officer and owner of an industrial food additives company. In service to MMA, Dabney has devoted significant time researching, finding and engaging his fellow classmates for the past six years, leading up to their 50th Golden Class Reunion. He has also quietly been purchasing senior rings for any senior that is a 3-year cadet or longer, is on scholarship or financial assistance, and who wants a senior ring but cannot afford one. On occasion, Dabney has also purchased officer sabers.

The following awards are given to MMA's generous supporters, who have donated their own money to support MMA's mission and improve cadet programs. Their support has a direct impact on the academic, athletic, military and leadership programs which are vital to helping young men take full command of their lives.

The list below reflects those donors who have given permission to recognize their generosity. We also wish to thank those who have requested to remain anonymous.

Those given the Colonel’s Club Award have given between $1,200 and $2,499 to MMA during the past fiscal year. Recipients are as follows:

  • General Richard and Kathy Geraci, MMA President
  • Kurt Bilsel, Class of 1981
  • Jane and Jeffrey Brummet, Class of 1971
  • CatchPhrase Communications/Jennifer O'Donley, MMA Director of Marketing
  • Gregg Center, Class of 1991
  • Patricia and Dean Davison, Class of 1978 and Board of Trustee member
  • Dr. Ann Murphy, parent of cadet John Murphy
  • Sanders Roth, Class of 2004
  • Edward and Erin Schreyer, Parent Committee Leader
  • Hunter Jenkins, Class of 1985
  • Ivonne Colin, mother of Zeth Colin, Class of 2019
  • Mitch and Sheila Dunn
  • Kristen and James Edmonston, Class of 1972
  • Merrill Eilers, Class of 1970
  • Cheri and Dan Erdel, Board of Trustee member
  • Fidelity Charitable Gift Fund
  • Genesis Church
  • Hanover Uniform Company
  • Michael Harding
  • Ronald and Susan Kelly
  • Kenneth Kinsey, Class of 1959
  • Julie and Kurt Kirtley, Class of 1974
  • Carlos and Betzy Liriano
  • Jarrod and Jennifer Magee
  • Dave Masselink and DuAnne Masselink-Talley
  • Sherri Nobbe
  • Murry Randall, Jr., Class of 1976
  • Fred & Lisa Simila
  • Don and Victoria Snider Thompson, Board of Trustee member

The Honor Club Award recognizes those who have given between $2,500 and $4,999 to MMA during the past fiscal year. Recipients are as follows:

  • Cassandra Brooks, MMA Director of Special Events
  • Bill Jr. and Lauren Fogarty
  • Terry Logue, Class of 1972
  • Paul Petit, Class of 1985
  • Chris Schafer, Class of 1989
  • Ricardo Uriegas, Class of 1991
  • Glenn and Anne Wodruff
  • Jorge Soriano, Class of 1989
  • Rhonda Blaue, Assistant to the MMA President
  • Dr. Bharatt and Tramita Chowrira
  • Barbara and Jason Falbo-Gwinn, Class of 1988
  • Sheryl Feutz-Harter
  • MajGen Robert and Debra Flanagan
  • Marilane and Charles Foley, Class of 1953
  • Christine and Laurence Harrod, Class of 1974
  • Judi Hemphill
  • Cindy and Dr. Greg Temple, Class of 1971

The President’s Club Award recognizes those who have given between $5,000 and $9,999 to MMA during the past fiscal year. Recipients are as follows:

  • Miriam Arnold Edmonston Charitable Foundation
  • Bryan Kopp
  • James Lee and Aeron Lee, Class of 2016
  • Joy and Tony McGeorge, MMA President Emeritus
  • Thompson Family Foundation

The General’s Circle Award recognizes those who have given $10,000 and $24,999 to MMA during the past fiscal year. Recipients are as follows:

  • Commerce Trust Company
  • Rob and Katherine English
  • Chris Gentry, Class of 1988 and Alumni Association Board Member, and his Jeanne, Parent Committee member
  • Allen P. & Josephine B. Green Foundation
  • Janie and R. Stribling Koster, MMA Board of Trustees chairman
  • Rebecca and B. Jeffrey MacLellan, Class of 1966 and Board of Trustees member
  • Betty Robert Manche Jr., Class of 1963

The Eagle Talon Award for Philanthropy

This award is given to MMA’s Alumni Donor of the Year.  To qualify, the recipient must be an alumnus who attended MMA for at least one full year and whose giving within the fiscal year qualifies them for a donor award at the Colonels Club level or higher.  This alum is someone who has given to the academy not only their treasure, but also their time and talent. 

This year, MMA awarded the Eagle Talon Award for Philanthropy to Chris Gentry ’88. Gentry serves on the Alumni Association Board of Directors, in the MMA Parents Committee, and has made contributions and future commitments to MMA’s new baseball program. He also supports the Legacy Scholarship Fund and contributed to the Stribling Memorial Campaign. In addition, he paid for the Prime USDA Beef that was served at the Homecoming 2019 banquet.

Chris Schafer Fellowship Cup

Established in 2019 and named after the first recipient, Harold "Chris" Schafer, Class of 1989, this award is given in appreciation to the alumnus who distinguishes himself to the institution as the year's most valuable person in his role as an MMA Alumni Association Board Member.  The recipient best typifies those ideals of character, leadership and service upon which the Academy was founded and who is a model example for all alumni to follow.   

The inaugural recipient and award’s namesake, Chris Schafer has shown unending effort to generate new ideas for alumni to get engaged and involved throughout the year, as well as help plan and execute Homecoming activities.

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