Alumni Advice: What is the most important thing to remember from your MMA education?

“If you attended/graduated from MMA, you are significantly higher than your peer group in understanding the value of hard work, leadership, teamwork, taking the initiative and discipline. Build upon this foundation, and go forth and make a difference.” — Chris Schafer ʼ89

“Self-discipline. Keep to a routine and be responsible for your own actions.” — Chris Gentry ʼ88

“Think for yourself. Work as a team, but donʼt just go along to get along. Challenge that which you know is not right.” — George F. Davison Jr. ʼ68

“Friendships you have made. Discipline of finishing through situations. In any rough time … there is always an end to it.” — Richard Cooper ʼ82

“Education is a conquest, not a bequest. It cannot be bestowed. It must be earned. Its chief value lies not in its possession, but in the struggle to obtain it.” — Jim Edmonston ’72 

“MMA teaches you so much more than just the standard curriculum. When you graduate, you will have accomplished so much more than an average high school student. The tools MMA has given you will last a lifetime! Donʼt let them rust.” — Jeffrey G. Kannegiesser ʼ88

“Respect for honesty and good character.” — Jack R. Logan ʼ48

“Your parents sent you with one mission: to do your very best to prepare educationally, morally, physically for your next stage in this wonderful world of opportunity.” — Francisco A. Sierra ʼ58

“You were trained and prepared to face adversity and to overcome it. Perseverance, hard and honest work always pay good dividends” — Paul Petit ʼ85

“The mothership gives you the tools to succeed but it is up to you to apply them.” — Tony Giuliani ʼ88

“Take with you the structure, discipline and how to set your priorities, skills you have learned while at MMA. The simple task of making your bed every day will help you with your priorities the rest of your day! … Trust me on this one.” — Jesus E. Soriano ʼ82

“Youʼve been given a well-rounded education. When I was in 10th grade at MMA, I was made to take typing class. At that time, I thought it was a waste, as I was never going to be a secretary. It turned out to be a HUGE skill for me as computers came into play. Things you have learned at MMA will come into play later in life. Youʼll see.” — Douglas Evans ʼ73

“Respect others. Lead by example. Do the harder right instead of the easier wrong.” — Dean Davison ʼ78

“Being organized will reward you the rest of your life.” — Joel Laws ʼ69

“Continue to start studying by 7:00 each evening. You need to bring discipline to college. Donʼt rest on your high school laurels.” — Thomas A. Berry ʼ59

“Be always the best you can. No one will do for you what you can do for yourself.” — Jose Garcia ʼ78

“The discipline of learning to think.” — David Cupp Whitney ʼ54

“Discipline.” — Robert George Wilson V ʼ69

“To be able to think for themselves.” — John Roeder ʼ58

“Study hard and learn. Wonʼt seem as important now; however, in just a few years, it will be most important.” — Dallas Tohill ʼ62

“Self-reliance! Although it is often said that there is no “I” in “team,” there really is. The “I” is in the “individual,” of which a team is comprised. It follows then that a team is only as good as the individuals within it.” — Benny Rossi ʼ57

“Use what you have learned from MMA to advance your education and goals.” — Raymond Zimmerman ʼ61

“Remember how you felt when you graduated, I hated the four years but on the senior walk I fell in love with all the pageantry, and the training we got served me well in the aerospace industry.” — Warren R. Stone ʼ58

“You may not realize this right now, but your MMA education and experience is a huge launching pad for the rest of your life. Use what you have learned.” — LTC USA (Ret) Paul Gillette Sr. ’72

“Study was a large portion of MMA life and regulated by structured study halls and times to do so. Away from MMA, no one is going to ring a bell telling you to study; you are a man and on your own. Continue the study habits learned and you will succeed.” — Richard Hart ʼ70

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