Alumni Advice: How do you choose a career path?

“Always choose a career in something that you want to do. You will be working for the next 40 to 50 years, might as well do something worthwhile and enjoyable.” — Chris Schafer ’89

“Find something you enjoy and you will not ‘work’ another day in your life.” — Chris Gentry ’88

“Select something that challenges you. Find something that at the end of the day, you will be able to say, ‘I made a difference.’ Money and financial gain are not what you should seek. Satisfaction in knowing you have selected something that allows you to hold your head high is better than all the gold and silver. Listen to the Harry Chapin song, ‘Cats in the Cradle.’ The advice that it contains is excellent. Faith and family should be your top priorities.” — George F. Davison Jr. ’68

“Your interest and passion will make what you do less difficult.” — Richard Cooper ’82

“Do what you enjoy. There’s rarely enough money at the start. But income follows passion.” —Jim Edmonston ’72

“Remember: At least eight hours a day, five days a week of your life will be ahead of you after college. Be sure you are qualified for the profession and like what you do.” — Larry G. Mrazek ’51

“I have lived my life in service to my country and community. This has allowed me to maintain my honor while requiring courage and perseverance. I am rich in personal satisfaction and pride in my accomplishments. You must decide what you value and pursue it while observing the aforementioned principles." — Jeffrey G. Kannegiesser ’88

“Do what makes you happy.” — Jack R. Logan ’48

“List your options, prioritize, run it by your in-class mentor. Check out the academies that offer a free education and specialization.” — Francisco A. Sierra ’58

“Pursue the career that makes you feel energized, motivated and foremost the one that will make you happy.” — Paul Petit ’85

“Outside of those choosing the military or a service academy for a college, wait until you get through the first year of college to choose what you want to do. Way too many of us failed in college right out of the Academy as we could not handle the freedom of no longer being in a structured environment but excelled in college later in life.” — Tony Giuliani ’88

“Narrow your options and look for a career with growth opportunities. While it is important to pick a career that will stimulate your mind, it is also important to be practical about the job market. Once you decide that you want to go to college, you will need to pick a career that enables you to make a living after you graduate.” — Jesus E. Soriano ’82

“Go with something you enjoy now and will enjoy later.” — Douglas Evans ’73

“Pick a career path that you find interesting and engaging. You will likely have many careers. Learn to write clearly. Read. Surround yourself with smart, caring people. Don’t pick a career just because it might seem lucrative. In college, explore options. Talk with professors and people who actually work in the career you think is interesting.” — Dean Davison ’78

“Choose a career that excites you, because you will be doing it for a long time!” — Joel Laws ’69

“Go with your heart. It’s more important to find a career that provides fulfillment than maximizing your income. If you follow your passions the income will take care of itself.” — Thomas A. Berry ’59

“Use the military for good training or for a career. It could be what makes the rest of your life worth living. Think about it and look into it, schooling; after what you have gone through, going into the military is a breeze, I know I did.” — James Caviness ’50

“Choose something you like to do, or even more, that you are passionate about doing, plus something you get well paid for, plus something that you can be the best in the world. If you can match these three, you will be successful.” — Jose Garcia ’78

“Don't let someone else choose your career path for you.” — David Cupp Whitney ’54

“Follow your love, not the money. The money will follow.” — Robert George Wilson V ’69

“Any of the STEM fields.” — John Roeder ’58

“Computers electronics trade crafts — i.e., welding, plumbing, electrical, etc.” — Dallas Tohill ’62

“Choose what you love to do, pursue it and then persevere.” — Benny Rossi ’57

“Seek what interest you have and talk to people with the same interest.” — Raymond Zimmerman ’61

“Don't let yourself be forced into a career that you won’t be happy with. Pick a career that you will look forward to work in. College may not be for everyone. We will always need plumbers, carpenters, police officers, firefighters, etc. People in the trades often earn more than a college graduate.” — Ronald Baran ’60

“Find a field you like and get on to it and study hard.” — Warren R. Stone ’58

“Find an occupation you love so much that you would do it for free if you had to!” — LTC USA (Ret) Paul Gillette Sr. ’72

“Choose, but remember you can always change. Things look different during MMA, and when decisions are made. You can always change but don’t give up, just change and pursue the new path.” — Richard Hart ’70


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