Alumni Advice: What advice do you have for current MMA cadets? 

“Explore everything that MMA has to offer: sports, extracurricular, volunteer opportunities, trips, Boy Scouts, etc. This is your time to determine if you like something or not. You will never know unless you try it.” – Chris Schafer '89  

"Be very cautious to want to go wild with your new uncaged freedoms after graduation. College has many distractions. Remember the disciplines learned from the Academy and stay the course. The skills you have attained from the Academy are what you need to succeed, but it will be up to you to make use of them." – Chris Gentry '88 

"Utilize the discipline which you have learned at MMA. Think about the path(s) that you are going to take. Do the difficult thing, rather than the easy. Work hard. Take pride in what you do. You will be rewarded." – George F. Davison, Jr., '68 

"Your experience, the traits, discipline you learned here will stay with you as you go on. You will not notice until one day, as an epiphany." – Richard Cooper '82 

"You have been handed golden things: a quality education and a sense of self discipline. Apply them both and enjoy the ride! Yours may be a harder road than some. But, that is a virtue. The rewards from a more challenging life are greater." – Jim Edmonston ‘72

"Continue your education throughout your career, not just during college. Try to keep in good physical shape and always adhere to honestly and integrity." – Larry G. Mrazek '51 

"Honor, Courage, Perseverance ... These are words to live by. Life will test yours. MMA has strengthened you in these ways. Never forget." – Jeffrey G Kannegiesser '88 

"Build a good transcript, seek leadership positions and play sports." – Jack R. Logan '48 

"Reach out to get mentors to advise and support your life path, may it be educational, career avenue and family decisions." – Francisco A Sierra '58 

"Work hard, never give up. Before going to sleep, ask yourself, ‘Did I give my best today? Did I accomplished my mission? Did my actions have a good impact on others? What can I do tomorrow to be better?’ Always thank and recognize those who help you! Know your job, be proficient and train others to be better. Never forget that you learned, trained and got prepared for any fight at the best places, with the best peers and with the best equipment. Train Shall You Fight, Fight Shall You Win." – Paul Petit ‘85 

"Listen to your advisors and mentors. Even though you may not think they are right, they have your best interest at heart." – Tony Giuliani '88 

"1. Keep a journal of your daily life. You'll cherish it later in life. 2. Start saving for your retirement now. Later is too late. 3. Treat others how you would like to be treated." – Douglas Evans '73 

"The Class of '20 has shared an experience unlike any class before you. You have shown grit, determination and resilience during your journey. Keep that spirit. Never quit. Make the most of every opportunity. And help others along the way. When you're tempted to get nasty in person or online, sleep on it. Walk away. Be kind. Be generous. Be a gentleman.” – Dean Davison '78 

"Develop a good sense of adventure, take advantage of opportunities, and adopt this mantra: ‘I never want to say when I'm older, I wish I would have done that when I was young!’" – Joel Laws '69 

"Get into the best school academically that will accept you. Keep in mind that you need to apply discipline attained at MMA to keep from flunking out.” – Thomas A. Berry '59 

"Use your training." – James Caviness '50 

"Persevere regardless of the circumstances." – David Cupp Whitney '54 

"There are two important days in your life. The day you were born, and the day you find out why." – Robert George Wilson V '69 

"If you see something that needs to be done, you may be the person needed to do it." – John Roeder '58 

"Learn the art of communications. Learn the art of reading body language. Remember, smiling faces sometimes tell lies." – Dallas Tohill 64 

“Above all things, to thine own self be true.” – Benny Rossi '57 

"Never give up on yourself goals. It will be tough sometimes but never give up." – Raymond Zimmerman '61 

"You first number of years after graduation will be busy ones. College, military service or starting a family will take up most of your time. Make an effort to stay in touch with your classmates." – Ronald Baran '60 

"Study hard and finish collage." – Warren R Stone '58 

"A famous 4–Star Army General once said: "It is difficult to sit and wring your hands in worry when you are rolling up your sleeves and getting to work!"" – LTC USA (Ret) Paul Gillette, Sr. '72

"You are moving into a world different than that of MMA. Steadfast, remember what you learned and became, gentlemen with honor. Don't let the temptations that will be without restrictions, freedom to roam and sway you into what might not be the best. Steadfast, remember that ring on your finger and what you and MMA stand for. Most of all, always, always remember any cadet old or new are but a phone call away 24/7. No shame in getting advice and some hints. Use what you have learned, have fun, make the history of MMA proud of you." – Richard Hart '70 

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