Academy Debuts New Marine Obstacle Course


MMA just completed the first phase of a project that will enhance the team-building facilities on the Academy’s expansive 200-acre back campus. The project was made possible by a generous donation from 2016 graduate Oscar Cortada of Barcelona, Spain and his father, Javier Cortada, also of Barcelona. The younger Cortada is currently studying at Indiana University in Bloomington, Ind.

The gift was first announced during the 2017 Maroon and Gold event in St. Louis.

“[I am] someone whose life has been changed by MMA,” Oscar Cortada said. “When I came to MMA, I was lost and angry; when I graduated, I was neither. That’s why I believe in MMA and that it’s my duty to give back any way that I can.”

The new obstacle course, built behind the baseball fields, is a Marine-style course with high and low obstacles that include log climbs, belly crawls, parallel bars, a low wall, and the finale - the rope climb. The equipment is designed to enhance leadership skills, endurance, strength, confidence, problem solving skills, and teamwork. It is also consistent with MMA’s “mind, body, and spirit” educational philosophy that links physical health to mental focus, self-discipline, and confidence.
“With this gift, the Cortadas have directly benefited every cadet and summer camper at MMA,” said MMA’s president, Tony McGeorge. “The impact of their generosity will be felt by young men like Oscar who have come to our Academy to develop their strengths.”

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