A Message from the President Regarding Audrain Community Hospital (04.06.22)

A Message from the President Regarding Audrain Community Hospital (04.06.22)

Dear MMA families,

I am writing to inform you of changes in local healthcare service caused by the suspension of services at Audrain Community Hospital. This suspension of services does not significantly change our healthcare protocol for your cadet, but I do want you to be informed regarding the change.

MMA provides routine care for cadets on campus through the Ekern Health Center. When warranted, we also transport cadets to area healthcare providers, such as to urgent care facilities within our local town of Mexico, and/or arrange for transportation for emergency room care. In the past, that emergency room care has been provided by both the local Audrain Community Hospital and University Hospital in nearby Columbia, approximately 45 minutes away. In most cases where emergency medical services (EMS) transportation has been required in the past, cadets were taken directly to University Hospital for treatment.

On 24 March, Audrain Community Hospital, operated by Noble Health Corporation, announced the suspension of all services, including EMS services, due to restructuring and financial reasons. While a significant loss for the local community, this unexpected closure has little to no impact on emergency medical services provided to the Academy, due to our already established protocol of transporting cadets to University Hospital in Columbia for top level care.

All EMS transportation will now solely be provided by the Audrain Ambulance District. Any cadets who need such transportation will be taken to the University Hospital located in Columbia, Missouri. For your knowledge, Audrain Ambulance District EMS Station #1 provides primary services to the Academy and is located less than three miles from campus. EMS Station #2 is located within 10 miles of MMA and serves as backup response, if necessary.

University Hospital offers the only Level I trauma center and helicopter service in central Missouri, with a 390-bed facility, specializing in treating the most severe illnesses and injuries. A seven-story Critical Care Tower provides the latest in medical technology for critically ill or injured patients.

Clinics within the township of Mexico remain open and will continue to provide routine non-emergency care, treatment, and evaluation for our cadets. If a cadet requires non-emergency medical services when these local options are not open (after hours or on weekends), he will be transported by MMA staff to University Hospital for afterhours care. A supplemental transportation fee of $110 will be assessed to your MMA bill, if such transportation is needed. 

Your cadet’s good health and well-being are our top priority. We will continue to keep you updated on any changes to healthcare services provided to MMA cadets and will notify you as soon as any as soon as Audrain Community Hospital EMS services are reinstated. If you have questions or concerns, please contact me or Commandant Grabowski at 573-581-1776 (ext. 521). 


Richard V. Geraci
Brigadier General, USA (Ret)

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