Over 600 From Across Midwest Attend MMA’s 2024 Boy Scouts of America Merit Badge University

Over 600 From Across Midwest Attend MMA’s 2024 Boy Scouts of America Merit Badge University

Missouri Military Academy (MMA) hosted its annual Boy Scouts of America Merit Badge University on Saturday, March 23, 2024. Over 600 Scouts, leaders and family members from seven states attended, doubling the number of attendees from 2023. View event photos on Flickr.  

In the opening ceremony, MMA Cadet and Eagle Scout Mason Brooks led the Scout Oath, and MMA President Brigadier General Richard V. Geraci, USA (Ret), welcomed the attendees.

"Scouting is so important, especially in our nation today," Geraci said.

He commented on the similarities between Scouting and Missouri Military Academy, pointing out that the Scout Oath, laws, motto, and even the Scout slogan closely align with MMA core values, as well as the Academy's character and leadership development programs.  

Commenting on the importance of the Academy maintaining a close relationship with the Boy Scouts to support and advance their aligned missions, he emphasized the opportunities for Scout troops to take advantage of MMA's 288-acre campus, which has camping areas, trails, a lake, and indoor facilities.

"I have worked with young men and women for the last 20 years as an educator and before that in the Army for 30 years. I have seen first-hand the positive difference that Scouting makes in the lives of young people," Geraci said, addressing the Scouts in attendance on March 23. "So, for all of our Scouts here, what you're doing is very, very important."

Cadet Mason Brooks, who recently earned the Eagle Scout rank, leads Scouts in reciting the Scout Oath. MMA cadets served as ambassadors for the Scout troops in attendance.

Missouri Military Academy President Richard V. Geraci address Boy Scouts

MMA President Richard V. Geraci welcomes attendees at the 2024 Merit Badge University held on MMA's campus. 

During the annual MMA Merit Badge University, Scouts — including cadets of MMA’s Boy Scout Troop 1889 — complete badges, supported by MMA staff and faculty and local/regional Scout volunteers.

Many of the Boy Scout troops camped out on MMA's campus for the Merit Badge University. 

Scouts engaged in events across MMA’s 288-acre campus to earn the badges, from the rappel tower to the indoor pool to the rifle range to the stables. As part of the experience, many Scout troops also camped out on campus. 

Jeff Howard (far left), MMA deputy commandant for transportation, Cadet Trae Griffiths (far right) and other scouts toured the police and fire facilities of the Mexico Public Safety Department.

This year’s Merit Badge University included a partnership with Mexico Public Safety to help scouts earn fingerprinting merit badges. The scouts also received a tour of the police and fire facilities of the Mexico Public Safety Department.

In partnership with Mexico Public Works, Scouts earned their fingerprinting merit badges. 

About MMA Scout Troop 1889

For more than 100 years, both Missouri Military Academy (MMA) and Boy Scouts of America (BSA) have been helping young men reach their full potential through a curriculum of academic and leadership skills and by imparting values of duty, honor and selfless service.

Scouts worked on earning merit badges in MMA's Alain M. Garcia Field House.

MMA cadets are invited to join the Academy’s BSA Troop 1889 (named in honor of the year of MMA’s founding) for fun and challenging experiences that will enhance their positive character development and leadership skills. MMA’s unique environment – both campus and culture – provides the optimal structure, consistency and opportunities to advance as a scout while enhancing the MMA brotherhood experience.

Progress within Scouts may also have a positive impact on a cadet’s rank advancement within the corps. The commandant’s office is notified of merit badges earned and scout advancement. Cadets may utilize their scout and MMA experiences to graduate as an MMA Corps of Cadets leader and obtain Eagle Scout rank.

Missouri Military Academy international cadets speak about their home cultures at the Boy Scout Merit Badge University.

Supporting Scouts earning their American Cultures merit badge, MMA international cadets spoke on their home countries' culture, food, music, art, traditional clothing, natural resources, geography, and government for the American Cultures Merit badge. Cadet Buyankhishig Batbold from Mongolia discussed traditional nomadic Mongolian homes called gers. Cadet Emilio Gomez spoke on the color meanings of the Mexican Flag. Cadet Seydina Issa Diop discussed the natural beauty of Senegal, and (as seen in the photo above) Cadets Mu Ye and YiChen Chen discussed the geography of China.

MMA Vice President of Institutional Advancement Rob Silbaugh is the Troop 1889 Scoutmaster. For more information about MMA’s Troop 1889, please contact Silbaugh at Robert.Silbaugh@MissouriMilitaryAcademy.com


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