2021 MMA Summer Camp Awards

Every summer, Missouri Military Academy presents awards to top summer campers. Below, find the list of the 2021 award honorees.

Air Rifle Sharpshooter Award for top score during air rifle qualification. 

  • Antonio Falbo (Confidence Camp 1)
  • Robert Naimi (Confidence Camp 2)
  • Daniel Melick (Confidence Camp 3)
  • David Udoh (Leadership Camp)

Air Rifle Marksman Medal for the second highest score during air rifle qualification.

  • Angelino Yanez (Confidence Camp 1)
  • Dillon Cahill (Confidence Camp 2)
  • Jonathon Hemby (Confidence Camp 3)
  • Cameron Buckingham (Leadership Camp)

Below, watch the Confidence Camp Session 1 graduation. View and download session 1 graduation photos on Flickr.

Paintball Sharpshooter Award for best score during paintball qualification.

  • Mason Nall (Confidence Camp 1)
  • Patrick Scallon (Confidence Camp 2)
  • Samuel Jones (Confidence Camp 3)

Paintball Marksmanship Medal for second best score during paintball qualification.

  • Evan Allen (Confidence Camp 1)
  • Noble Hale (Confidence Camp 2)
  • Alden Ebersole (Confidence Camp 3)

Chesty Puller Confidence Award for outperforming peers on the Confidence Challenge Course. 

  • Cody Campbell (Confidence Camp 1)
  • Constantine Narkevitch (Confidence Camp 2)
  • Zach Jones (Confidence Camp 3)
  • Hayden Duenwald

Confidence Challenge Course Medal for second best finish on the Confidence Challenge Course. 

  • Kobe Hughes (Confidence Camp 1)
  • Joshua Udoh (Confidence Camp 2)
  • Owen Horner (Confidence Camp 3)

Below, watch the Confidence Camp Session 2 graduation. View and download session 2 graduation photos on Flickr.

Audie Murphy Physical Fitness Award for the highest score on the Physical Fitness Test.

  • Thomas Robinson (Confidence Camp 1)
  • Myles Cross (Confidence Camp 2)
  • Aiden Cox (Confidence Camp 3)
  • Nolan Grooms (Leadership Camp)

Physical Fitness Medal for the second highest score on the Physical Fitness Test.

  • Kamdyn O’Conner (Confidence Camp 1)
  • Ethan Saddoris (Confidence Camp 2)
  • Kendall Brickoff (Confidence Camp 3)
  • Gage Ongman (Leadership Camp)

Spirit Award for demonstrating the most spirit and motivation throughout the camp.

  • Riley Harper (Confidence Camp 1)
  • Randy Meng (Confidence Camp 2)
  • Joshua Udoh (Confidence Camp 3)

Courage Medal for demonstrating the most courage throughout the course.

  • Eli Mumm (Confidence Camp 1)
  • Antonio Falbo (Confidence Camp 2)
  • Augustine Petit Guiot (Confidence Camp 3)

Clifton B. Cates Citizenship Award for exemplifying superior honor, goodwill and respect for others.

  • Bryan Drochalman (Confidence Camp 1)
  • Riley Harper (Confidence Camp 2)
  • Myles Cross (Confidence Camp 3)

Below, watch the Confidence Camp Session 3 and Leadership Camp graduation. View and download session 3 and Leadership Camp graduation photos on Flickr.

Leadership Camp Awards

Tactician Award — Joseph Haaf for demonstrating leadership, planning, ingenuity, discipline, and decisiveness

Marine Corps Obstacle Course Award Bryant Webber for the second-best finish on the Marine Corps Obstacle Course

MMA Leadership Award Tadeo Garza for exemplifying superior leadership, honor, courage and integrity

Top Fire Team Leaders

  • 1st Platoon — Ethan Akers, Elijah Wade, Dante Rios Labelle
  • 2nd Platoon — Jayden Baker, Blake Koch, Trent Taylor
  • 3rd Platoon — Coulton Scott, Dosamuel Parodis-Yu, Thomas Tinsley

Top Squad Leaders: The squad leader is responsible for leading up to a dozen individuals and a total of 3 fire teams.  The squad leader is charged with ensuring each fire team and its members are equipped and prepared to accomplish its mission. 

  • 1st Platoon — Diego Bichara
  • 2nd Platoon — Dupablo Parodis-Yu
  • 3rd Platoon — Nolan Gahlbeck

Top Platoon Leader: The platoon leader is the senior leader in a platoon. He is responsible for everything the members of his platoon does or fails to do.

  • 1st Platoon — Noah Travis
  • 2nd Platoon — Nathan Boettcher
  • 3rd Platoon — Andres Aramuni

Camp Counselor Awards

Top Confidence Camp Counselors as selected by the campers

  • Will Allen (Confidence Camp 1)
  • Katy Branstetter (Confidence Camp 2)
  • Kylie Quinn (Confidence Camp 3)

Top Leadership Camp Counselor — Noah Royse as selected by the campers

GySgt Mark Tompkins Award presented to the overall top counselors for providing the utmost level of leadership, loyalty and dedication

  • Katy Branstetter
  • Noah Royse 
Missouri Military Academy Summer Camp Counselor award


Cadet News

Legacy Cadets Recognized at Alumni Awards and Donor Recognition Banquet

On September 18, 2021, legacy cadets and their families were formally recognized at the Alumni Awards and Donor Recognition Banquet during Homecoming. Legacy cadets are cadets who are sons, stepsons, brothers, grandsons, step-grandsons, nephews or cousins of an MMA alum who completed at least one full year as an MMA cadet. Symbolizing their family's continued history at MMA, they were given a legacy pin.

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