2020 Maroon & Gold Recap

Due to COVID-19 and the social distancing protocols and contained campus implemented to protect the health and safety of all, MMA made the decision in March to cancel Spring Family Weekend and the 2020 Maroon & Gold Gala on campus.

Recognizing that cancelling Maroon & Gold – the Academy’s largest fundraiser of the year – would jeopardize vital funding to support academic, athletic, and cadet life programs at MMA, cadets, faculty and staff came together to produce a superior Maroon & Gold online presentation in only two weeks.

The camaraderie and hard work that went into making this unprecedented production became a source of great strength and pride for cadets and the Academy alike.

“As I watched as the event, it became much more than about the show,” said Missouri Military Academy President Brigadier General Richard V. Geraci, USA (Ret). “It was a reflection of the teamwork and dedication of our staff and faculty, and the talent and tremendous potential of our cadets.”

See full list of Maroon & Gold contributors below.

Since its premiere, the 2020 Maroon & Gold presentation has been viewed by approximately 550 people. Moreover, the generosity and support for Maroon & Gold generated $75,110 for MMA cadets and Academy programs.

Sponsors for Maroon & Gold made an incredible impact with nearly $50,000 in sponsorships. Those who bought a ticket for the gala and chose to donate that amount to the virtual event contributed an additional $4,710. Through the online auction, the MMA community added $23,660, including $22,190 through auction purchases, $5,760 in donations, and $6,700 in funding for five strategic plan initiatives.

“I am immensely grateful for the support of the MMA community via Maroon & Gold,” President Geraci said. “Through the commitment of our alumni, families, friends and community business partners, we were able to reach our goal prior to cancelling the event. These funds enable us to improve Academy programs and cadet opportunities that provide a life-changing experience to MMA cadets.”

If you did not have a chance to make a gift through the auction or a sponsorship but wish to still support MMA, please click here to donate online or contact Vice President for Institutional Advancement Bob Belknap at (573) 581-1776, ext. 230 or at bob.belknap@missourimilitaryacademy.com.

Maroon & Gold Contributors


  • Connor Pearson
  • Mike Kulas
  • Pipe Major Bryan Donaldson
  • Bob Belknap
  • Freddie Lomas
  • Hannah Williams


  • Cadet Zach Siccardi
  • Cadet Fernando Afane
  • Cadet Thinh Nguyen
  • Cadet Bryce Bowen
  • Cadet Wiliam English
  • Cadet Michael Machary-Pagan
  • Cadet Gorka-Aitor Yarte
  • Cadet Jingxuan Yan

Core Values Presentation:

  • Cadet John Murphy
  • Cadet Dhalil Belko
  • Cadet Eric Gentry
  • Cadet Sun Kit Tsui
  • Cadet Daniel Knight
  • Cadet Gorka-Aitor Yarte
  • Cadet Shane Macon
  • Cadet Bruno Pozzani
  • Cadet Mauricio Trevino

Fund a Need Narrator:

  • Cadet Evan Schreyer

Cadet Choir:

  • Cadet Kamden Sipple
  • Cadet Gorka-Aitor Yarte
  • Cadet Nolan Madrigrano
  • Cadet Francisco Jacquez
  • Cadet Iao Pang Yan
  • Cadet Dhalil Belko
  • Cadet Zach Siccardi
  • Mr. Maziarz – Piano

Jazz Band:

  • Cadet Evan Schreyer
  • Cadet Michael Machary-Pagan
  • Cadet Bryce Bowen
  • Cadet Griffin Roberts
  • Cadet Landon Meyer
  • Cadet Landy Nguyen
  • Cadet Noah Royse
  • Cadet William English
  • Cadet Camerson Wandler
  • Cadet Gorka-Aitor Yarte
  • Cadet Samuel Feldman

Academy Band:

  • Cadet Kevith Ryan Sangster
  • Cadet Matthew Hamilton
  • Cadet Michael Machary-Pagan
  • Cadet Charles Davidson
  • Cadet Evan Schreyer
  • Cadet Holden Smart
  • Cadet William English
  • Cadet Evan Albright
  • Cadet Noah Royse
  • Cadet Landon Meyer
  • Cadet Griffin Roberts
  • Cadet Bryce Bowen
  • Cadet Gorka-Aitor Yarte
  • Cadet Collin Eastman
  • Cadet William Delaplane

Maroon & Gold Sponsors

  • Strib and Janie Koster
  • Commerce Trust Company
  • Jim and Aeron Lee
  • Carlos and Betzy Liriano
  • Chris and Jeanne Gentry
  • Dan and Cheri Erdel
  • Don Thompson And Dr. Victoria Snider
  • Hanover Uniform
  • Lockton Companies
  • Sage Dining Services, Inc.
  • Terry and Evelyn Logue
  • Paul Petit
  • All Systems Designed Solutions, Inc.
  • Crown Linen Service
  • Dean and Patricia Davison
  • Jimmy Lasley
  • Mitch and Sheila Dunn
  • Rob and Katherine English
  • Hunter and Lynn Jenkins
  • Woody Schisler
  • Paul and LaWanah Gillette
  • Best Western Teal Lake Inn
  • John Walker
  • Ricardo Uriegas
  • Sydenstricker-Noble
  • Chris and Jeni Schafer
  • Dana Dabney
  • Digital Surveillance Group at Sound Solutions
  • Jason and Melanie Sutton
  • Jorge Soriano and Cassandra Brooks
  • Moser’s Food
  • NuTone Cleaners
  • Pig Up & Go LLC
  • Sherri Nobbe
  • Tim and Pam Tholen
  • Twillman Feed and Seed

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