MMA Corps Leaders Take Responsibility for JROTC Program for Accreditation Inspection

During the Spring 2020 semester, Missouri Military Academy cadet leaders assumed responsibility for the corps of cadets in the Academy’s annual JROTC Program for Accreditation (JPA) inspection. 

Typically, Missouri Military Academy is inspected annually by representatives from the US Army 3rd Brigade and University of Missouri ROTC officers for the JPA Inspection. However, because of MMA’s contained campus policy due to COVID-19, the inspection was internal and conducted by JROTC Senior Army Instructor Captain Joseph Balvanz, MMA President Brigadier General Richard V. Geraci and cadet leadership.  

“I was impressed with the corps' preparation and the cadet leaders' initiative in taking a larger role in the conduct of the inspection. The cadets were well prepared for inspections and the cadet leader briefings were outstanding,” said President Geraci. “I was especially impressed with our color guard. Their performance was flawless, and I believe they would have competed very favorably for the national title had the Army JROTC competition been held this year.”  

The JPA Inspection is a formal is comprehensive assessment for the Academy’s Army JROTC  programs. It includes assessments in the following categories: Continuous Improvement Plan (CIP), Service Learning Project (SLP), Unit Report, Cadet Portfolios and Instructor Portfolios.  

MMA is required to undergo this inspection every three year but voluntarily chooses to participate in annual inspections to encourage and maintain consistently high standards within the corps. In 2019, MMA Corps of Cadets’ received perfect scores in six of the seven areas of the JPA, concluding with a 99.5 of 100 total points. This success enabled the Academy to maintain its status as an Honor Unit with Distinction designation and gold star. 

“Undertaking an annual assessment, even when only for an internal exercise, allows our cadets an important leadership opportunity, and it is a great event for our companies to compete in,” said Senior Army Instructor Captain Joe Balvanz. “As one of the top military boarding schools in America, this annual inspection keeps our cadets focused on top performance. Every year, our expectations for them are very high.” 

This year, MMA cadet leadership took responsibility for JPA. In this year’s CIP, cadets undertook a task to create a land navigation training on MMA back campus. Phases of the project included (1) creating a 3D terrain map model, constructed by Captain Joseph Balvanz and finished by MMA art teacher Cheryl Morris; (2) clearing a wooded area on back campus, a project led by JROTC Army Instructor Christopher Scarlet and Cadet Thomas Huckins; (3) creating 16 land navigation points, which are 10-ft, painted structures; and (4) building eight picnic tables.  

This year’s Service SLP included the presentation and review of the corps’ Buddy Pack program, which supports low-income school children by providing nutritious food on weekends. On average, MMA cadets assemble 540 packs a week. With the advent of COVID-19 and increased need in the community, cadets stepped up to assemble 4500 packs in one week. Learn more about their effort here

For this year’s Unit Report and Cadet Portfolios assessment, cadet staff, under the direction of Battalion Commander John Murphy, conducted reviews of each company. They assessed each company through uniform and room inspections, as well as tested their required knowledge based on their Leadership Education Training (LET) level.  

This year, Delta Company emerged with the highest scores and was named the JPA Inspection winner. 



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