Preparing Cadets for Leadership: 2020 Cadre Leadership Camp

Between July 29 and August 4, 2020, selected Missouri Military Academy cadets and cadet leaders completed a rigorous two-week leadership training program reserved for cadets who demonstrate qualities desired for leaders at MMA. The goal of this intensive leadership training is to hone their leadership and team building skills so they may most effectively serve as leaders in the corps of cadets.

Missouri Military Academy Cadet Leadership Camp

“The experience was valuable to the leadership team and I because it gave us a chance to establish our goals and for us to build a better connection as brothers,” said Battalion Commander Shane Macon, who holds the highest role of cadet leadership, under the guidance of the commandant and his team, for the 132nd Missouri Military Academy Corps of Cadets. “Cadet leaders should take part every year. Leadership for the year should always get a head start on the corps and the best way to do that is to connect a week prior."

For their training exercises, cadets were divided into three groups for round robin-style training. They participated in multiple adventure-style training exercises on back campus using MMA’s obstacle course and trails along the 288-acre campus. They also made heavy use of MMA’s other outdoor amenities, including the rappel tower, Flanagan Paintball Field, Centennial Gymtorium and more.

Cadets also practiced drill formations, squad fire movement techniques, hand and arm signals and physical training. In a classroom setting, they reviewed leadership techniques, plus MMA customs, traditions and core values.

“At MMA, our purpose is not only to prepare every cadet for college, but to help him excel as a man. As commandant, it is my responsibility to put this into action by providing opportunities and training for their growth,” said Commandant Rick Grabowski, who directed the cadre leadership camp.

At Missouri Military Academy, serving as a cadet leader is one of the most valuable experiences the Academy offers in terms of character development. The true value of cadet leadership skills not only lies within the corps, but also in what comes after it — their college, careers and adult life.

As cadet leaders, cadets will be expected to set the example as mentors and role models to other cadets, hold their fellow cadets accountable, teach greater responsibility to their brothers, represent the 132nd Missouri Military Academy Corps of Cadets, and more.

"This group of leaders is more proactive than any group I've seen at MMA," said Col. Grabowski about this year’s cadre leadership camp and the start of the fall 2020 semester. "They are already demonstrating great leadership skills as they help our new cadets get acclimated to MMA."

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