2020 Cadet Leaders Offer Advice to New Cadets for the Crucible

Considered a rite of passage, all new cadets who arrive at Missouri Military Academy (MMA) participate in the Crucible – a series of physical and mental obstacles intended to challenge cadets as leaders and as a team. It is arguably one of the most difficult challenges they will face during their time at MMA, which is why the impact and significance of the challenge is so profound.  

At the end of the Crucible, cadets will take pride in what they have accomplished and realize a new sense of self-confidence and community. They will know:  

  • If they set their mind to something, they can accomplish anything.  
  • At MMA, they have a brotherhood that will support and encourage them through challenges they will face together.  
  • MMA will push them to their fullest potential. It won't always be easy, but it will always be rewarding. 

By successfully completing the Crucible, cadets earn their coveted hat brasses and black shoulder boards and celebrate their official entrance into the MMA brotherhood. 

Their Crucible victory and official welcome into the corps of cadets will be celebrated at the Passing Through Ceremony on Saturday, October 17, which will be livestreamed for families to enjoy.  

Below, read advice from 2020-21 cadet leaders regarding the Crucible…  

Advice from Cadet Leaders  

"It will be hard but you can do it. Be mentally prepared for the adversities that are going to show up throughout the Crucible." – Shane Macon ’21, Battalion Commander

“Their mind is a powerful thing, if they feed it with positive thoughts during the journey, they will overcome every obstacle and come out stronger than ever. The advice I would give to them is that no matter how hard it gets, DON'T GIVE UP! Better things are at the end. Also, learn to trust the journey even though you don't understand it.” – Fred Intwali ’21, Cadet Battalion (S-2) Intelligence Officer 

“The Crucible might look or sound scary, and I'm not going to lie, it's very challenging. But it's also a great experience to have with your fellow “new boys,” and the sense of pride you get after that long day of work is truly awesome. [My advice is to] remember that you're a part of a team. Remember that you're not alone during the Crucible. Be a team player and everything will be a lot easier. We go through the Crucible for a reason, not only to push your limits, but so you're always reminded that you're a part of a team, regardless if it's a part of the Crucible or daily MMA life.”  – Bryce Bowen ’21, Cadet Battalion (S-4) Logistics Officer  

"It will be hard and you will get tired but the entire corps of cadets went through the exact same thing, so you can too. Keep on pushing." – Landy Nguyen, Cadet Battalion (S-5) Civilian Affairs Officer

“Although it's a long journey, you will come out of it a new man. Even if you think you're going to struggle, your brothers are there to help and support you.”  – Diego Lopez ’21, Bravo Company Commander 

“The one thing you need to do during the Crucible is keep going. It will be difficult for some, but you need to have the mental strength to get through it.” – William Dunn ’21, Band Company Commander  

“Start strong and finish strong. Never give up and don't stop. You might be bad at running or climbing, but if you work hard and never give up you will easily overcome it. Hard work beats talent. [My advice is to] help each other and work as a team, don't let anyone fall behind and get some good rest the night before the Crucible. Also, focus on hydration the day before and the day of the Crucible. Bring a water bottle with ice-cold water, and when you feel sluggish or tired, take a few gulps so you can continue.”  – Bilguun Erdenedava ’21, Charlie Company Commander  



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