2019 Final Assembly: Military, Discipline and Leadership Awards

The military awards presented are as follows:

The Association of United States Army Award for Leadership and Academic Achievement went to Samuel Guo, for his consistent excellence in academics.

Michael Naughton was honored with the Daedalian JROTC Medal, from the order of Daedalians, a fraternity of commissioned military pilots from all military services. It is named after the legendary figure, Daedalus, and was organized by World War I commissioned military pilots who sought to perpetuate the spirit of patriotism, love of country and those high ideals of self-sacrifice which place service to the nation above personal safety and position. Naughton was given this award for demonstrating those traits as a JROTC cadet with interest in a military career.

Naughton was also awarded the Military Officers Association of America Medal, which recognizes exceptional potential for military leadership.

The Bronze ROTC Medal was given to Chandler Bolinger for his outstanding ability and achievement. Bolinger was also awarded the Retired Enlisted Association Award for his remarkable potential for military leadership.

The Daughters of the American Revolution Award was presented to Ayush Raheja for his exceptional ability and achievement.

The U.S. Daughters of 1812 Award was given to Sky Spotted Eagle Thunderchild Henio for exemplifying the ideals upon which our nation was founded.

The Sons of the American Revolution LET III Award was given to Devonte Knight for his leadership, military bearing and all-around excellence in military science classes.

The Sons of Union Veterans of the Civil War Award was given to Matthew Seibert for his unceasing demonstration of patriotism, leadership, and high academic performance.

The National Sojourners Award, which goes to the cadet that encourages and demonstrates a love for country in the corps, was given to Ruby Kagaragwa.

The Scottish Rite Free Mason Leadership Award was given Colton Lucas for his leadership, scholastic excellence and Americanism.

For extraordinary achievement and exceptional leadership, loyalty, and the potential for continued leadership, Khaliguun Enkhbayar was awarded the Reserve Officers Association Medal.

From the military order awards, Miguel De La Mora was given the Military Order of the Purple Heart Award for continuously demonstrating leadership ability, positive attitude, and achievement; and Gabriel Velasco was given the Military Order of the World Wars Award for his improvement in military and academic studies, as well as his desire to serve his country.

From the JROTC awards, the following cadets received these special honors:

  • Sean Hughes received the US Army Recruiting Command Award for JROTC for his extraordinary contribution, achievement, and potential for assuming increased position of responsibility.
  • WrayVauze Givens received the US Army Recruiting Command Award for JROTC for his outstanding achievement and contributions to the Junior ROTC program.
  • Zihao Li received the Noncommissioned Officers Association Award for JROTC for being an amazing NCO in the corps.
  • Zeth Colin received the VFW JROTC Award for outstanding achievement and leadership.

The leadership and discipline awards presented are as follows:

Dominic Desiderioand Sabastian Vielledent were given the Paul Petit Award, which recognizes the cadets who have most improved international relations in the middle school. Likewise, Iao Papng Yan was awarded the Petit Fellowship Cup, which is reserved for the middle school student with the best fellowship ranking for the year. Both awards are sponsored by alumni board member and MMA recruiter in Mexico, Paul Petit, Class of 1985.

Gorka Aitor Yarte was awarded the Richard White Improvement Award for showing the greatest all-around improvement since his enrollment at MMA. Yarte also received the Jerome G. Harris Award for Most Soldierly Cadet in middle school. This award is given in honor of the former professor of military science and tactics and Army colonel who served in World War I and II.

The Robert O. Piper Barracks Award was given to Kia Passmore for the fewest barracks checks in the middle school.

Julio Sanchez Jr. received the Stribling Cup for Highest Efficiency for having the best efficiency record of the entire middle school class.  

Arturo Torres was honored with the Middle School Faculty Plaque, which is given to an eighth grade cadet who has shown the most leadership, cooperation and loyalty. The award recipient is chosen by faculty.

For having the highest disciplinary standards in the corps, Dhalil Belko was awarded the G. David Bailey Trophy for Discipline, honoring the former middle school commandant that served MMA for 36 years.

William Baker was given the Steve Walker Memorial Award for being the most outstanding first-year cadet. This award is given in memory of the former cadet, Steve Walker. Likewise, Bruno Pozzani received the Richard Benton Hall Memorial Award for best embodying a true gentleman. The award is given in memory of the former Echo Company Commander, Richard Benton.

The John W. Fritsch Award was given to Derek Nguyen for being the 11th grade cadet who best exemplifies honor, good discipline, academic excellence and service to the Academy. Likewise. The Service Above Self Award was presented Shane Macon for being a cadet that demonstrates a selfless devotion to others and to the Academy.

MMA considers it an honor to congratulate the positive behavior, actions and judgement of the corps of cadets. We know their desire for self-improvement, devotion and loyalty to their peers, commitment to their principles and desire to serve is what will make them the successful, remarkable young leaders of our future.

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