Cadets, Faculty and Staff Honored During 19 January 2022 All-Academy Assembly

An all-academy assembly was held on 19 January 2021 in Centennial Gymtorium. Below, please find video from the event and a list of the cadets, faculty and staff who received special recognition during the assembly. Photos are available on MMA's Flickr account. The assembly also included the New Cadet Resolution (watch video).


Recognition of faculty and staff for a great Evensong performance: Mr. James Garrett, Mrs. Iris Shoemaker, Mr. Stephen Maziarz, Pipe Major Brian Donaldson, Mr. Rob Dalton, and Ms. Joan DeBoe.  

The Evensong ribbon was presented to those cadets who showed exemplary conduct in the preparation and performance of the annual MMA Evensong Service, held in 2021 on 11 December (watch video).

Evensong Readers (led by English Department Chair Mr. Rob Dalton)

  • Nyeal Biendenstein
  • William Cash
  • Rene Garcia-Garza
  • Michael Machary-Pagan
  • Patricio Regis
  • Evan Schreyer
  • William Terrell
  • Kevin Wang

Choir (led by Choir Director Mrs. Iris Shoemaker)

  • Hector Gonzalez        
  • Isaac Krentz.   
  • Luke Ott.                    
  • River Punab-Mitchell   
  • Phoenix Rice 
  • Ezekiel Richardson  
  • Brody Ruckman   
  • Oliver Sparks   
  • Lucas Sydlewski

MMA Academy Band Instrumentalists (led by Band Director James Garrett)

  • Matthew Hamilton
  • Benjamin Huynh
  • Kevith Sangster
  • Miles Matthews
  • Michael Machary-Pagan
  • Evan Schreyer
  • Kruze Hagan
  • Aaron Huynh
  • Robert Peck
  • Gabriel Hood
  • Ruhan Chowrira 
  • DeKoven Martin-
  • Logan Lockhart Guditis
  • Ian Robison
  • John Carlos Ahuja
  • Sage Fuller
  • Landon Meyer
  • Michael Pfeifer
  • Angelo Urdaneta
  • Peter Didicher
  • Anthony Melick
  • David Lee

Cadet Pipers (led by Pipe Major Mr. Brian Donaldson)

  • Nathaniel Espinoza
  • Zachary Sturgeon


Academic Fouragere  

Cadets who earn a GPA of 3.5 for two consecutive marking periods are granted the privilege of wearing the Academic Fourragere for the next marking period.

 Delta Phi Honor Society

This society was founded under the guidance of Major Marquess Wallace in May 1929. The purpose of Delta Phi is to foster high ideals of character, to encourage scholarship, to promote the best interest of the corps of cadets, and to cherish and preserve the traditions of MMA.


  • Teacher of the Semester: Rachael Wallace (photo below). A science teacher, Ms. Wallace is an outstanding teacher and worthy of commendation. She is never unprepared or caught off guard in her classroom. Her professionalism, content knowledge, and positive attitude make her such a great addition to our Academy.
Missouri Military Academy awards assembly
  • Company Leadership Advisor of the Semester: Charles Winscott (photo below). CLA Winscott received this recognition because of his devotion to the corps, support of the MMA mission and exemplary display of professionalism. He has recently been promoted Senior CLA.  He has recently been promoted Senior CLA. 
Missouri Military Academy awards assembly

Bravo Zulu Awards

One of the highest compliments paid in the U.S. Naval forces is the Bravo Zulu. The combination of the Bravo and Zulu nautical signal flags is a naval signal, typically conveyed by flag hoist or voice radio, meaning “Well Done” with regard to actions, operations, or performance.

Angie Campbell (Laundry Facility Manager): In recognition of commitment, hard work and tireless dedication to MMA and our cadets.

Carla Gallegos (Executive Administrative Assistant to Academic Dean): Continued excellence of effort and superlative administrative support of faculty and staff across all departments.

Elliot Goodwin (Activities and Recreation Specialist, Head Soccer Coach): In recognition of passionate contribution to the morale and welfare of the MMA Corps of Cadets and tireless efforts in supporting MMA.

James Garrett (Band Director): In recognition of outstanding effort, enthusiasm and attention to detail that has benefited our cadets musically in both curricular and extracurricular activities.

Brandy Howard (Database Coordinator)In recognition of a can-do attitude in everything that she does. She typically demonstrates the ability to work in a positive fashion. Since her arrival at MMA, she has spent countless hours “cleaning up” our database to ensure 100% accuracy. She has offered valuable input for improving our processes as they pertain to certain events, and during Homecoming & Fall Family Weekend, she performed extra duties to ensure that all guests were properly registered and were able to have an enjoyable time.

Traevonne Smith (Head Track Coach, Assistant Basketball and Assistant Football Coach): In recognition of exemplary effort, commitment and positive attitude in the coaching of athletics.

Julia Welch (Accounts Receivable, Payroll Specialist): Julie is always a strong, efficient, and dependable employee. This year, much of the accounts receivable area has been revised, both the procedures and software tools. Even with the stress of having her whole area reconfigured, she has continued to be a strong, efficient, and dependable employee who has faced change with a positive attitude and a smile on her face. Her service to cadets and their families has continued to be exceptional, and her demeanor with coworkers has remained positive and pleasant.



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