100% Charitable Tax Deduction for Cash Gifts in 2021

Support MMA and take advantage of the 100% charitable tax deduction for cash gifts in 2021

Make a gift now.

Last year, Congress passed the CARES ACT which temporarily increased the adjusted gross income (AGI) limit for cash contributions to 100% for qualifying public charities — like MMA — for individual donors. That change expires at the end of this year (2021) at which point deduction percentage will revert back to 60%. This increase in gift deductions may be used to make new gifts or to prepay existing multiyear pledges.

Please contact Vice President of Institutional Advancement Rob Silbaugh to strategize your year-end giving for the greatest benefit to both you and the Academy. You can reach him at 573-581-1776 ext. 230 or Robert.Silbaugh@missourimilitaryacademy.com.

Please note that these charitable giving incentives only apply to cash donations. Non-cash gifts such as stock, real estate or personal property and gifts to donor-advised funds or private foundations will not benefit from these provisions. 

Cadet News

Scholarship Opportunity for Engineering Summer Camp Available to MMA Cadets

Thanks to a scholarship courtesy of Chris Schafer ’89 – a Missouri Military Academy alum and graduate of the Missouri University of Science and Technology (Missouri S&T) – select freshmen, sophomore, and junior cadets interested in the STEM field will have the opportunity to attend the Jackling Introduction to Engineering camp for free.

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