Q&A with Elliot Goodwin, Activities and Recreation Specialist & Head Soccer Coach

Q&A with Elliot Goodwin, Activities and Recreation Specialist & Head Soccer Coach

What is it like to work at MMA? 

Working at MMA allows you to connect with cadets from across the country and the world, many of whom come from different walks of life. The faculty, staff members, commandant staff and coaches provide cadets with a significant amount of support, opportunities to succeed, leadership guidance and direction throughout their time at the Academy. As we see cadets transition from their early stages of the MMA journey, with our goal to create and produce leaders within our school environment, who then flourish at the opportunity to advance as young adults.

To work at Missouri Military Academy, you need to be prepared to step up to challenges and be versatile. No two days are the same, as the school and residential environments are both very faced-paced. The anticipation of needing to adjust or change a course of action and plan should be expected. 

What are the people like? 

The people who work at the Academy are the secondary heartbeat of the school. Without the attention, adaptability and care of employees when working within our collective environment, full participation from all pushes us through challenging and defining moments. There are a lot of people who work behind the scenes to fully accomplish the Academy's mission, as well as individuals who go above and beyond to help out and assist other departments in times of need.

What do you enjoy about working here? 

The most enjoyable aspect about working at the Academy is knowing that you can make a significant difference in a cadet’s life. We are often seen as role models for the cadets as they come to members of staff with questions, needs for advice or just to have a friendly conversation.

It is important for us all to understand that the students that we have here at the Academy are not all looking, or seeking to advance within a military branch after their time with us so we need to prepare them in order to be successful within their next stages of life whether that is preparations for college/university, or if they go into the working world.

It is exciting to watch cadets moving into their next phases to know that we have played a part in their journeys. We strive for positivity and reinforce the importance of teamwork within our departments at all times within the face of adversity.


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