We are proud to welcome our new cadets on campus!

We are proud to welcome our new cadets on campus!

On Sunday, August 6, new cadets participated in the New Cadet Resolution Ceremony and took the New Cadet Oath. Please watch the ceremony below and click here to view photos. 


The New Cadet Oath

My goal in life is to become a citizen of the highest integrity in my community.

To this end I resolve that:

  • Honesty and integrity in thought, word, and deed shall characterize my relationships with others.
  • Excellence shall be my hallmark of my endeavors.
  • Respect and consideration for all persons and their property shall be my resolve.
  • Strength of character shall be my objective as I strive to achieve greater self-discipline and the highest physical, mental, spiritual, and moral development while at MMA.
  • Responsibility shall be my watchword, both in my obligations to others and my commitment to my own objectives and ideals.
  • Remembering that noble thoughts inspire noble deeds, I shall aspire to a life of honor, courage and commitment to my family, myself, my community and my country.

Cadet News

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