The Importance of Summer Reading

The Importance of Summer Reading

Dear MMA Families,

It was Rick Riordan, the author of the notable "Percy Jackson" series, that said the following, “The most important thing whenever we're connecting kids to books, is that we try to match the book to the kid and make sure that reading is a fun, rewarding experience outside the classroom.”

To that, end the academic and commandant's departments have compiled a suggested reading list for your cadets during the summer.


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I would like to draw particular attention to "The Book of Virtues: 30th Anniversary Edition." I included it in both middle and high school recommended reading lists, as it still has a resonance and relevance since its publication in 1993.

In the book’s original introduction, the author writes that “moral anchors … have never been more necessary.” You may have read it too growing up and therefore will recognize and remember the moral compass it provides in its reading, with appropriate and apposite stories to enjoy at all age levels.

Reading for pleasure improves your cadet's literacy, social skills, and learning ability. This, coupled with the sheer joy of exercising the imagination, creates a powerful tool in your son's development, as well as providing opportunity for enjoyment during the summer break. 

Simply put, the more a cadet reads, the better they will understand what they have read, with the additional benefit of increasing their vocabulary. This relationship between reading and vocabulary then becomes one of perpetual mutually supporting growth in your child. Please encourage your cadet to read!

Many thanks —


Mike Harding

Academic Dean

Missouri Military Academy

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