Summer workouts (downloadable guide)

Summer workouts (downloadable guide)

Dear MMA families,

I hope summer is going well for your cadet. As Missouri Military Academy athletic director, I have been working with our coaches to prepare for the fall athletic seasons, and I look forward seeing our cadets back on campus, ready to grow in their sports (individually and as teams) and compete.

Athletic practices will begin on August 7. To be eligible to play in the first games of the fall season, cadets must be on campus for this first practice.

Per Missouri State High School Activities Association (MSHSAA) guidelines: "Each team must have at least 14 days of conditioning practice and each individual must have participated in 14 school conditioning practices on 14 different days prior to the date of the first interscholastic contest in all sports."

Please click here to view MMA’s Summer Strength and Conditioning Program. This is a tool that any athlete can use to improve both physical and mentally, for any sport. Please encourage your cadet to follow this program over the summer.

At MMA, we believe challenging physical activity — such as regular exercise, competitive athletics and obstacle course challenges — helps young men develop into better versions of themselves. 


  • Completing a physical challenge, such as a difficult workout or obstacle course, helps develop confidence and reaffirms the belief that hard work pays off
  • Participating in sports helps develop a team mentality and a greater sense of honor through sportsmanship
  • Exercise helps improve overall mood and behavior by producing endorphins that reduce stress and make young men happier
  • When boys expel their physical energy, they are able to better focus on their academics without feeling restless. 

Summer workouts also help cadets prepare for their first physical fitness test at MMA, given within the first week of their arrival for the fall semester.

We expect your cadet to utilize this program to return to campus in the best shape of his life, ready for the fall athletic season. We want him to see the results of his dedication, returning to MMA in the fall as a bigger, faster and stronger athlete than he has ever been before.
This summer program is designed to challenge him. It is designed for the athlete to struggle and feel defeated early on, to face adversity, eventually rise up and overcome. Learning how to overcome and deal with adversity is one of life’s greatest lessons, one that needs to be learned at an early age and reinforced with constant practice over time. These lessons will help him in the fourth quarter, the 2nd half, third period, final hole, fifth set – any obstacle that he will face as a cadet at MMA, as well as a man in life.
Best wishes and happy training!


Brian Meny
Director of Athletics

Missouri Military Academy

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