Send Photos for the Senior Photo Slideshow

As part of our Class of 2022 celebration, MMA will prepare a special slideshow for seniors to showcase their time at MMA and to show how much they have grown.

If you have not already, please send photos of your cadet for the senior slideshow no later than Wednesday, May 4. Please send any or all of the following —

  • baby and/or toddler photo
  • favorite childhood photo
  • photo of the first day your cadet arrived at MMA
  • favorite photo from your cadet's days at MMA

Instructions for Sending Senior Slideshow Photos

1. Make an account with WeTransfer. WeTransfer is a free file-sharing site that allows you to send files via email on desktop and mobile.

2. Select the "+ Upload Files" option and attach the photos you'd like to share with us. The "Title" field should auto-populate with the photo file's names.

3. In "Email to" enter

4. "Your email" should auto-populate with the email address you used to sign up for a WeTransfer account. If it didn't, enter your email address there.

5. In the "Message" part, please write your full name, your cadet's full name, and his company. 

6. Click the "Transfer" button. You'll see a "Transfer complete" message once the file finishes uploading.

Your file will be sent to MMA's marketing department, who will compile all photos to use for the slideshow. 

Thank you for your help celebrating our seniors! 

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