MySchool Instructions

MySchool Instructions

Class schedules are now posted —

Track your cadet's grades and view his schedule on MySchool!

At MMA, our goal is to help you stay connected with your cadet's academic progress. To do this, we utilize MySchool so you can view your cadet's grades, schedule and assignments throughout the year.

MySchool is available online and is mobile-friendly (no separate app needed) for easy viewing and access via your smart phone or desktop computer. See instructions for accessing MySchool below. 

Please note: 

  • Some international cadets may not have schedules finalized yet, as we just finished English placement testing. Those families will be contacted individually. 
  • Advisory classes have not yet been added for all grade levels.  These will post over the weekend.


Click here to access MySchool. You can also find a link to MySchool in the Parents section of the MMA web site (shown in the screenshot below).

To login for the first time, click the "Forgot login or First time logging in?" button in the bottom right corner. 

Then, enter your email address in the first box, and check the "username" and "password" boxes to receive your login information via email. 


The e-mail containing the selected information will be sent from Please be sure to add this e-mail address to your address book prior to submitting this request. If you still don't see the email, check your spam folder. 

Once you have your login information, return to the login screen and enter that information. 

The following screen will appear after you login to MySchool.  You will click on your cadet’s name in the upper left to continue.

A screen will then appear for you to look at his progress grades, schedule or assignments. When you click on schedule, his schedule will appear on the screen.

Cadets take part in a 4x4 block schedule, which better imitates a college schedule than other high school scheduling options, and helps them stay more focused on their subjects without being overwhelmed. Block scheduling enables our cadets to fully learn eight courses per year and gives them at least one hour each day for quiet study and homework.

On your cadet's course schedule, you will see some "blocks" (class periods) listed with an A or a B. Academic schedule "A" days will include those blocks that include an "A." Academic schedule "B" days will include those blocks that include a "B." 



If you have any questions about your cadet's course schedule or if you would like to change anything, please contact Registrar Pearl Newbrough at Pearl will be monitoring her email this weekend to respond to your questions and make changes as needed. All changes must be made no later than September 1. 


If you have any technical questions about MySchool, please contact the MMA Helpdesk at

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