MMA Birthday Policy

MMA Birthday Policy

Below, please review MMA's birthday policy and celebration dates. Keep scrolling to see photos from the August birthday celebration! 

Celebration with MMA Brothers

Each month, cadets who have a birthday that month will be recognized during a special celebration with the corps. This birthday celebration will be in the dining hall with the entire corps of cadets. Ice cream provided by Sage Dining will be served to all cadets, and the corps will sing happy birthday. Cadets who have a birthday in...

  • September will celebrate on September 16th
  • October will celebrate on October 14th
  • November will celebrate on November 18th
  • December will celebrate on December 10th
  • January will celebrate on January 20th
  • February will celebrate on February 24th
  • March will celebrate on March 23rd
  • April will celebrate on April 13th
  • May, June & July will celebrate on May 4th

In addition, a private pizza party will be held for those cadets who have a birthday during the given month. Payments will be organized via the Parents Committee. Only cadets who have birthdays within that month will attend. They will be served a selection of pizza, sodas and a cake to share.

Private Celebration

On your cadet's actual birthdate, you may send your cadet a singular pizza, small cake, etc. This is not a full party, but rather your special birthday recognition for your cadet. Parents should make their own arrangements for delivery. We recommend:

  • The Cookie Club — (573) 721-9338
  • Cakes By Stephanie — (573) 721-8605 
  • Domino's Pizza — (573) 581-4811 
  • Pizza Hut — (573) 581-0031

Please schedule pizza orders to deliver after 6 p.m.

If you have any questions, please contact Activities Specialist Elliot Goodwin via email at or by phone at 573.581.1776 ext. 296.

August Birthday Celebration

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