Meet MMA's Cadet Leaders!

Meet MMA's Cadet Leaders!

Every cadet is a part of the MMA Corps of Cadets – a living, breathing, daily leadership program modeled after the army. Cadet leaders set the example as mentors and role models to other cadets, hold their fellow cadets accountable, teach greater responsibility to their brothers, represent the 135th MMA Corps of Cadets, and much more. 

In late July, cadet leaders arrived on campus to participate in an intensive leadership training experience that helps prepare them to lead the corps. In addition to learning valuable leadership and team-building skills, they participated in workshops intended to enhance existing cadet activities in the year. 

We are proud to introduce our cadet battalion command below. Click here to read about the rest of our 2023-24 cadet leaders. 

Battalion Commander Bradley Thumbi

Hometown: Nairobi, Kenya  


Activities at MMA: Football, soccer, Fusileers drill team, Color Guard, track, Boy Scouts, Triumph Program, Lunch Buddies, Ambassador 


Plans after graduation: Attend a United States service academy

Battalion Executive Officer Zijie Zhou

Hometown: Shenzhen, China


Activities at MMA: Rifle team, Fusileers drill team, tennis.


Plans after graduation: Attend university.

Battalion Sergeant Major Gabriel Iglesias Osorio

Hometown: San Salvador, El Salvador


Activities at MMA: Fusileer drill team, Color Guard, tennis, Raiders.


Plans after graduation: Attend college and double major in political science and business related studies.

Advice from Cadet Leaders

"The most important thing I have learned is to keep trying. Life is filled with obstacles, and it is up to you to overcome them. Also, your MMA brothers are family, so you always have a shoulder to lean on." — Battalion Commander Bradley Thumbi

"Don't take corrections from cadet leaders and faculty personally. We all want you to succeed." — Battalion Sergeant Major Gabriel Iglesias Osorio

"Mindset is key. You must have a positive outlook on why or what you are going to accomplish." — Battalion S-1 (Adjutant) Carlos Villarreal Jezzini

"Don’t try and change the person you are to fit in. Be yourself and you will find your crowd." — Battalion S-2 (Intelligence Officer) Kruze Hagan

"Keep an open mind, listen to your leaders, follow the rules, and take advantage of all the opportunities you can." — Battalion S-3 (Operations Officer) Malachi Imrie

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