Medication Requirements for MMA's Ekern Health Center

Medication Requirements for MMA's Ekern Health Center

Dear MMA families,

Please review the following medication requirements from MMA's Ekern Health Center. Thank you in advance for your support. These requirements help us maintain high standards of care and safety.

MMA requires all cadet prescriptions AND over-the-counter medications be sent in a pharmacy-packed blister/bubble card. MMA’s Ekern Health Center does not accept prescription pill medication in a "bottle" container. Powdered supplements and medication in a gummy form are also not accepted. 

We appreciate your compliance in order to help us best serve your cadet. Please send medications for 30 days, one week in advance.

If your pharmacy is unable to package your son's medication in a blister/bubble card, please contact Webber Pharmacy. MMA has an established contract with Webber — this local pharmacy will fill medications in blister/bubble cards and deliver to MMA at no cost to you. You may contact Webber at (573) 581-6930 or via fax (573) 581-4904.

You may also have your son's medication packaged in a blister/bubble card through the Walgreens Pharmacy in Mexico, MO free of charge. MMA will make regular trips to pick up cadet medications from this pharmacy. You can contact Walgreens at (573) 581-3353 or via fax at (573) 581-3249. 

You may also purchase blister/bubble pack cards and package medications yourself to send to MMA. However, for each medication you package, you must also include the prescription label, or a copy, from the pharmacy.

Thank you in advance for your understanding and compliance. If you have any questions, please contact me at 573-581-1776, ext. 643 or at



Jim Holloway
Health Center Director

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