LAST CALL: Today is the last day to order your cadet's class ring in time for the Senior Ring Ceremony.

LAST CALL: Today is the last day to order your cadet's class ring in time for the Senior Ring Ceremony.

If you haven't already, please place your cadet's class ring order today so he may receive it during the Senior Ring Ceremony. You can secure the ring with a $100 deposit, but the ring must be paid in full by the Senior Ring Ceremony. Payment must be made directly to Jostens'.

Click here to place your order online or contact Jostens' Representative Kalyn Davidson at 573-442-2855 or email her at

An engraving of oak leaves appears near the bottom of the ring, symbolizing strength, wisdom and endurance. On the side of the ring are crossed sabers, a rifle and crossed cannons. The saber, a close-combat weapon, can symbolize cadets’ immediate or close-range goals, such as goals of the day or week, and the rifle, a short-range weapon, can symbolize short-term goals of the week, month or quarter. The cannon, on the other hand, is a long-range weapon, meant to symbolize cadets’ long-term goals. 

Above the year are two eagles, which can symbolize many things: loyalty, devotion, freedom, truth, honor and hope. Looking down on the ring from the top, two eagles appear, both facing forward and backward no matter how the ring is turned. One represents where the cadet came from, the other where he is going. Leaning on their time at MMA, cadets will take what they learned as they move into the future. The wings of the two eagles encircle the words Missouri Military Academy, a symbol of protection.  

At the interior of the words Missouri Military Academy, seeds encircle the initials MMA. Those seeds will fade over time as the ring is worn, but they symbolize the seeds that are being planted at the Academy — seeds of truth, love, hope, strength, leadership, honor, devotion, freedom and service to others. 

Cadets wear the ring with MMA facing them so they can read it, representing their focus on the Academy. After graduation, the ring is turned so MMA faces out, representing where the cadets are heading — out into the world as proud graduates of Missouri Military Academy. 

The senior ring has been the same for generations. Col. Stribling III – MMA’s beloved fourth president – received his ring in 1944 and wore it often. The only difference between Stribling’s ring and those that cadets receive now is the class year that appears on the side.  

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