Good Standing Message for Upcoming Activities

MMA Families,


I am excited to announce some upcoming recreational activities for cadets following spring furlough:

  • March 26: St. Louis Blues vs. Carolina Hurricanes Hockey Game – 20 tickets available
  • April 2: Jesus Christ Superstar Concert – 7 tickets available
  • April 9: Monster Energy AM Supercross Motorcycle Racing Championship – 16 tickets available

Signup opportunities will be available soon, so please keep an eye on your inbox for more information regarding each event.


As a reminder, only cadets in good academic and athletic standing, with minimal tours next to their names, can attend these events. That being said, cadets can be taken on or off the approved list to attend events at any time –

  • If your cadet is not in good standing, but is able to get his grades up or work off his tours in time, he may be approved to attend events.
  • If your cadet is currently in good standing and is approved to attend events, but his grades or behavior slip prior to these events, he will not be permitted to attend.

This policy reinforces important aspects of their MMA education – personal accountability, self-discipline, and positive reinforcement.


If your cadet is not in good standing, please have a conversation with him to discuss ways he can improve his performance or behavior. Help him understand that MMA will reward him for his hard work through opportunities, awards, and rank — and that there is a great personal reward in working hard to better oneself, too.


If you’re ever unsure about your cadet’s standing at MMA, please contact his CLA to discuss his academic, athletic, and personal progress. You can find your cadet's CLA contact information here.


Thank you for your support and partnership in encouraging good character and performance. If you have any questions, please contact me at



Elliot Goodwin

Activities Specialist

Missouri Military Academy

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