Embracing New Horizons: A Guide to Coping with Sending Your Child to Boarding School

Embracing New Horizons: A Guide to Coping with Sending Your Child to Boarding School

Embracing New Horizons: A Guide to Coping with Sending Your Child to Boarding School 



Sending your cadet to Missouri Military Academy is a significant milestone for parent and child alike, filled with bittersweet emotions. You're likely experiencing a myriad of thoughts and feelings — pride in providing your son with new opportunities, concerns about separation from home, hope for the future, and so much more.

We understand. We are here for you. Your MMA family is here to support you, too. 

Please click the button below to read an article with valuable insights and practical tips to navigate through this transitional time with confidence, understanding and fortitude. Then, continue reading to review advice from MMA parents and alumni.


A Guide to Coping with Sending Your Child to Boarding School 


Advice from MMA Families and Alumni

While the first few weeks may be difficult, these MMA families and alumni have excellent advice for you during the transition.

"Always remember that “no news” is usually good news. Your boy is so busy learning and has very little down time. He is getting acclimated and finding his groove. Rest assured, he is being well-fed and in a safe environment. Should any medical issues arise, the on-site clinic and staff are amazing! Being emotional is normal. Be strong for your boy and remember this is about him. He may tell you many things (mostly exaggerated) in an attempt to get you to bring him home. Change is hard, growth is hard, being uncomfortable is hard, doing new things is hard. It is our job as parents to guide our sons and with much hard work comes greatness. Reach out to other parents. MMA has an amazing community of parents and staff that are there for you to address your questions, concerns or just lend a listening ear. You are here, in the right place in this season at this exact moment in time for a reason and a purpose. May God bless you and your sons on this new journey." — Shelley Stidham-Garcia, MMA parent

"No two cadets are alike, but 90% of new cadets will call begging you to come and get them. Sign up with the Parents Committee and ask for names and phone numbers of parents of old boys who can get you through these first weeks. Believe me…your son is fine. It’s you who may need help getting through and staying strong. I promise the first time you see him you will not believe the transformation." — Linda Angel, MMA parent of alum

Parent of an alum…"MMA does it right, trust them. I’m still amazed by the man they helped create 8 years after graduating." — Michele Ryan, MMA parent of alum

"My best most simple advice for your cadet is Ears Open Mouth Shut. I gave this advice to my own son as he attended MMA. This is a whole new world that must be learned. It is much easier to trust the system and grow with it, the end results are amazing! He needs to get involved and stay busy, this is helpful with attitude and home withdrawal. And parents, you too need to stay busy to help with your child withdrawals. Trust the system, you are investing a lot of time, energy, money and sacrifice for a tried and true system." — Chris Gentry, MMA alum and parent of alum

"Trust the process at MMA. At first, you’ll miss your son…I know I did… but in a short while I could see the impact the school was having on him. It was amazing to see how far he (and his cadet brothers) had come in a short period. Rob English, MMA parent of alum

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