Commandant Staff Engages in Training to Support Cadet Safety and Success

Commandant Staff Engages in Training to Support Cadet Safety and Success

Commandant Staff Engages in Training to Support Cadet Safety and Success

Missouri Military Academy recently conducted our annual training on campus to educate commandant staff on the best practices for supporting cadets and to provide key safety education and certification. The training emphasized safety, security, leadership, the Academy's mission and history, and the staff's role in implementing MMA's military educational model based on structure, self-discipline, and accountability. 

Members of the commandant's staff in attendance for the training included CLAs and staff from Ekern Health Center, laundry, the quartermaster, and transportation and security.


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Throughout the year, MMA employs assistance from expert third-party organizations to ensure faculty, staff and coaches receive top training to support cadets. During the June 2023 commandant staff training, those organizations included CMC Rescue, which trains First Responders across the United States, and CenterPointe Hospital of Columbia, whose health professionals led training such as de-escalation techniques and suicide prevention.

MMA President Brigadier General Richard V. Geraci, USA (Ret), met with staff to discuss expectations and duties to support MMA's mission, and emphasized that each member of the commandant staff plays a role in supporting cadet success.



A CMC Rescue trainer in the feature photo above leads MMA commandant staff in rappelling certification training.

President Geraci addresses the commandant staff.

The commandant's staff also received leadership training, including "Concepts of Leadership" course highlights from William Woods University (WWU) professor Scott Zimmerman and engaged in a group discussion after watching the video "Why Leaders Eat Last" by Simon Sinek.

Additional aspects of the training included the following:

  • crisis management
  • how to conduct health and welfare checks
  • boundary, sexual harassment, and diversity and inclusion training
  • uniform, grooming, and room standards for cadets
  • how to conduct a formal/informal personnel inspection
  • how to conduct a formal/informal room inspection
  • behavioral management and tension reduction techniques, plus de-escalation and suicide prevention
  • contraband identification and searches.

Select groups of staff members achieved certifications in the following areas to ensure cadets' safe and proper engagement with campus activities:

  • first aid
  • rappelling 
  • archery 
  • marksmanship and air rifle 
  • paintball course 
  • obstacle course.


Commandant COL Rick Grabowski, USMC (Ret), discusses key training points with CLAs.

Commandant staff in engages in rappelling certification training.

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