22.01.14 Message from President Geraci

22.01.14 Message from President Geraci

Dear MMA families,

Thank you so much for helping to facilitate a smooth transition into the spring semester. Despite the weather challenges and airline delays, we saw the highest percentage of cadets returning on time from winter furlough. A few families kept cadets home due to illness, and we appreciate their communication with our commandant staff in those cases.

Welcome to our new families

Twenty-three new cadets have joined the corps so far this month, and we anticipate more will arrive based on the applications we are currently processing. As many schools struggle to remain in-person because of the rise in COVID numbers, we are grateful for the support from our parents and our ability to maintain our in-person education, as we have since the beginning of the pandemic.

Our positive partnership with parents benefits our cadets as we work together to help them reach their full potential. Through your support, cadets’ on-time return from winter furlough meant that our staff, faculty and coaches were able to conduct an efficient and orderly process for welcoming them back to campus, checking their health and returning them to the classroom, athletic practices, and daily routines. Our ability to maintain predictability, stability, and consistency in your son’s education positively impacts his wellbeing and growth.

COVID Update

Upon their return, we questioned cadets regarding their health and tested them for COVID. Thirty-seven cadets have tested positive and were placed in isolation or returned home if their parents so chose. Any others who were identified as close contacts were placed in quarantine. Additionally, 11 cadets are isolated with and recovering from the flu. Parents of each of these cadets have been notified of their status. Our commandant staff will continue to keep parents notified regarding any changes regarding isolation, quarantine, and cadet health. Cadets are rejoining their companies, athletic teams, and classes daily as they are released from isolation or quarantine. We will work to maintain a high degree of normalcy for our cadets during this period.

2022-23 Calendar

Please find the calendar for academic year 2022-23 linked here. We are often asked which events are the most significant to attend during the school year. In addition to Commencement and Final Formation, we recommend that you attend Fall Family Weekend and Spring Family Weekend, including the Maroon & Gold Gala. Valentine Weekend (including the Valentine Ball) and the Mother’s Day Review are also popular with families. Information regarding re-enrollment for 2022-23 will be shared soon via email.

Summer Academy and camps

I also encourage you to look at our Summer Academy (academic camp) and other summer camp options planned for this year. We welcomed a record number of campers to campus last summer, and we expect the same for 2022. Please look at the options if you think your cadet may benefit from extra academic support through Summer Academy or if you have younger sons who may enjoy an MMA summer camp experience. Early registration is encouraged to ensure availability.

We look forward to a great spring semester and expect to see the corps finish the year strong. Valentine Weekend 2022 will be your first opportunity of the New Year to see your cadets on campus, and we hope to see you then so you can see their progress firsthand.


Richard V. Geraci
Brigadier General, USA (Ret)


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