Quartermaster Blake Morais

Quartermaster Blake Morais


Name: Blake Morais


Hometown: Mexico, Missouri

At MMA Since: March 2019

Activities at MMA: Rifle Team, Golf, Triumph Program (Classes at William Woods University)


Hobbies: Playing games and golfing

Favorite Book: “Projekt 1065” by Alan Gratz

Favorite Movie: The “Harry Potter” series 

Favorite Band: Here Come the Mummies

Favorite Class: My favorite class is all the business classes. I’m most excited for introduction to criminal law. I’m excited because I’m thinking about becoming a lawyer and this gives me a good taste of what I’m in for.

Favorite Food in Mess Hall: Carolina BBQ

Plan After Graduation: Enroll in Jacksonville University and continue my education. I wish to become a lawyer so I plan to do all that I can to better prepare myself.


Why did you enroll at MMA?: It looks very good when applying to colleges.

Why do you now attend MMA?:  I’m still attending to better prepare myself for college and to get ahead of my competition.

What is the most important thing you have learned so far at MMA?: We’re all more similar than we think.

What advice do you have for new cadets?: Do what we say even if it doesn’t sound productive. We give you these small tasks because they’ll prepare you for similar, larger and important tasks later on.

Anything you want other cadets to know about you?: I’m going to do my best to be fair and understanding but I will not put up with you wasting everyone’s time.


The cadet quartermaster serves as the primary assistant to the deputy commandant for support (who is a primary staff officer for the commandant of cadets). He works closely with the deputy commandant of resident life on all QM support matters; ensures all cadet QM requisition requests are properly processed, tracked, and sourced; and performs other duties as directed. Additionally, he is responsible for overall corps logistics and barracks issues and spot-checking cadets for uniform deficiencies and directs recommended corrections. He also chairs the Cadet Dining Facility Committee.


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