Battalion S-2 (Intelligence Officer) Gorka-Aitor Yarte Zertuche


Name: Gorka-Aitor Yarte-Zertuche

Rank: Battalion Intelligence Officer (S-2)

Hometown: Lisbon, Portugal

At MMA Since: August 2018

Activities at MMA: Soccer, Track, Basketball, Equestrian, Fusileer Drill Team, Tennis, Cadet Choir, Academy Band, Jazz Band, Marching Band,


Hobbies: Watching Netflix and going to the gym.

Favorite Book: “Make Your Bed” by William H. McRaven

Favorite Movie: “Back to the Future” and “Terminator”

Favorite Band: AC/DC

Favorite Class: English composition, because I will be able to improve and continue with my efforts in writing and literature.

Favorite Food in Mess Hall: Teriyaki fried chicken

Plan After Graduation: Studying in Europe (Germany or France)


Why did you enroll at MMA?: My father was a cadet and now an alumni, and he believes that the values and customs that he received could be passed down to me.

Why do you now attend MMA?:  Because I like the classes and the overall motivation that the school provides to the cadets.

What is the most important thing you have learned so far at MMA?: Respect. At MMA, I had to earn my respect by working hard and showing dedication.

What advice do you have for new cadets?: Times can be hard and mentally exhausting, but you need to keep your head up, and be the best you can be and don’t let anyone tell you that you cannot achieve something.

Anything you want other cadets to know about you?: I will be a fair leader. I am expected to do as everyone else in the corps of cadets. I will lead by example.

Cadet Intelligence Officer (S2); the intelligence officer is responsible to the battalion executive officer and has the following specific responsibilities; Keeps the corps informed on current events and weather activities.  Assists the S-1 during peak administrative periods. Assists the Cadet Battalion Sergeant Major in supervising all Tour Squad activities. Corrects uniform and grooming standard violations. 

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