Command Sergeant Major Kevin Wang

Name: Kevin Wang

Rank: Command Sergeant Major*

Hometown: St. Clair Shores, Michigan 

At MMA Since: January 2019

Activities at MMA: Track, Swimming, Color Guard, JROTC Raiders, Powerlifting, Delta Phi Honor Society, Triumph Program (Classes at William Woods University) 

Favorite Book: 48 Laws of Power by Robert Greene

Favorite Movie: Fast & Furious 

Favorite Band: Rolling Stones

Favorite Class: Strength Conditioning 

Hobbies: Hanging out with friends, going to the gym, watching movies

Favorite Food in Mess Hall: Fried chicken and potato chips

Plan After Graduation: To attend a four-year college and begin a career in civil engineering.

Why did you enroll at MMA? To become a man of great character, self-value, and better my future.

Why do you now attend MMA? To lead other cadets to follow my example of what "right" looks like. 

What is the most important thing you have learned so far at MMA? I learned that leadership is the cornerstone of all things. Without functioning leadership, things will never go your way.

What advice do you have for new cadets? Listen to your leaders. When they are not there, step up to the plate and help others without being asked. Do not backtalk, and always respect your cadet leaders and adult staff. Take the initiative to become a leader.

Is there anything you want other cadets to know about you? I am a strict leader but I will be a fair one. I do not put up with anything. 

The command sergeant major is the senior enlisted advisor to the battalion commander. He is directly responsible for the conduct, appearance, and professional development of all cadet non-commissioned officers within the corps, including ensuring that all cadets are properly groomed and uniforms fit correctly. He also guarantees all barracks (inside and out) are maintained to a high standard of cleanliness at all times.

Administratively, he is responsible for scheduling and conducting meetings with non-commissioned officers when necessary; planning, scheduling, and executing weekly tour squad sessions; and recommending enlisted billet assignments, promotions, demotions, and awards to the battalion commander.

Additionally, the command sergeant major serves as the senior enlisted advisor for all matters involving drill, reviews, and ceremonies; trains and supervises the color guard and all flag details; and is entrusted as the “Keeper of the Flame.” Finally, he is responsible for gauging the morale of the corps and making recommendations on improvements to the battalion commander and commandant of cadets.


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