Charlie Company Executive Officer Ezekiel Richardson


Name: Ezekiel “Zeke” Richardson 

Rank: Charlie Company Executive Officer

Hometown: Portland, Oregon

At MMA Since: June 2019

Activities at MMA: Track, Fusileers Drill Team, Delta Phi Honor Society, Triumph Program (Classes at William Woods University)


Hobbies: Watching movies, hanging out with friends, and spending time with my mom.

Favorite Book: Art of Deception by Kevin Mitnick and William L. Simon

Favorite Movie: Forrest Gump

Favorite Band: Maroon 5 or Twenty-one Pilots

Favorite Class: Biology is my favorite. I’m looking forward to choir because I have always loved singing.

Favorite Food in Mess Hall: Muffins

Plan After Graduation: To go to medical school and specialize in immunology.


Why did you enroll at MMA? I needed the structure.

Why do you now attend MMA? The structure.

What is the most important thing you have learned so far at MMA? I perform better with structure.

What advice do you have for new cadets? Listen to your leaders.

Anything you want other cadets to know about you? I will be a chill leader, but please make sure stuff gets done. Don’t be lazy if you’re in Charlie Company.

Cadet executive officers are the second-in-command to the cadet company commanders, performing duties assigned to them and assuming responsibilities of the cadet company commander in his absence. They are responsible for supervising and coordinating the efforts of the company staff in planning, coordination, and execution of company events, as well as making safety and risk assessments for company events. Additionally, they ensure all company staff goals are met and while remaining knowledgeable of the current status of staff actions.

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