Band Company Commander Kevith Sangster


Name: Kevith Sangster

Rank: Band Company Commander

Hometown: Las Vegas, Nevada

At MMA Since: January 2017

Activities at MMA: Swimming, Baseball, Fusileers Drill Team, Color Guard, Cadet Choir, Academy Band, Marching Band, Senior Drum Major


Favorite Book: Wonder by RJ Palacio

Favorite Movie: Jaws

Favorite Band: Nirvana

Hobbies: I like to play basketball and look at potential colleges.

Favorite Class: Marching band

Favorite Food in Mess Hall: Yogurt

Plan After Graduation: To graduate college and pursue a career in film.


Why did you enroll at MMA? I enrolled because MMA helps me academically to prepare myself for college.

Why do you now attend MMA? Because I can’t leave my brothers.

What is the most important thing you have learned so far at MMA? When times are rough, always remember that there is someone who will support you.

What advice do you have for new cadets? Have fun while the time lasts, because time will go by very quickly.

Is there anything you want other cadets to know about you? I have been attending MMA since I was 11 years old. If I can do it, you can too.


Cadet company commanders work closely with company leadership advisors and the cadet battalion commander. In addition to looking after the welfare of all cadets in their company, they are responsible for ensuring the cadets in their company abide by Academy rules, regulations, customs, and traditions. They establish company performance goals and takes appropriate action to ensure their accomplishment, and they supervise, counsel, and train cadet company executive officers, first sergeants, and platoon leaders. Finally, they must exercise direct command and control over the company at all formations, ceremonies, activities, and events. 


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