Band Company Commander Anthony Melick

Name: Anthony Melick 

Rank: Band Company Commander

Hometown: Overland Park, Kansas

At MMA Since: 2020

Activities at MMA: Baseball, swimming, FBLA and band

Favorite book: The Alex Rider series

Hobbies: Video games, watching and playing sports, skiing, spending time with friends and family.

Favorite class: Accounting

Favorite food in mess hall: Fish sandwiches

Plans after graduation: To attend a United States Service Academy.

Why did you enroll at MMA? To receive a proper in-person education during the pandemic as well as for the leadership opportunities

Why do you now attend MMA? To strengthen my leadership skills and to build and refine my character

What is the most important thing you have learned so far at MMA? Absolutely nothing is fair in life. Even though it’s hard, the best thing to do is to accept this and continue trying your best.

What advice do you have for new cadets? New cadets, it’s going to be extremely tough during the beginning of your time here. It’s a new experience that everyone has to go through. Try to stay tough and understand that, if you listen to instructions and try your best, life at MMA becomes much easier.

Is there anything you want other cadets to know about you? Personally, I want new cadets to know that I will try to make the living experience for someone here as enjoyable as possible as long as I am able to see maximum effort from that person.

Cadet company commanders work closely with company leadership advisors and the cadet battalion commander. In addition to looking after the welfare of all cadets in their company, they are responsible for ensuring the cadets in their company abide by Academy rules, regulations, customs, and traditions. They establish company performance goals and takes appropriate action to ensure their accomplishment, and they supervise, counsel, and train cadet company executive officers, first sergeants, and platoon leaders. Finally, they must exercise direct command and control over the company at all formations, ceremonies, activities, and events.

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