An extraordinary home away from home.

Missouri Military Academy is filled with opportunities and experiences
our cadets could never have at home.
While this can certainly be said of any boarding school,
the MMA experience offers your son something more.
Every day we will help him develop the best traits found in men,
and these are the most important tools for living life.   

A Typical Day


Rise and shine.


Beginning with a run every morning at 6am, physical conditioning is woven into every cadet’s daily routine at MMA. Missouri Military Academy cadets are lean and strong. They also exude a confidence that comes from having pushed themselves harder than they once imagined.



A man’s gotta eat.


Fuel is important, because our guys are a lot more active than most. So, we load them up with a generous array of mouthwatering, healthy choices. Our chefs use local purveyors for fresh foods and produce to prepare delicious meals every day. When the cadets gather to eat, you hear lots of laughter and conversation. The food’s good, and so is the company. 






No cadet stays on the sidelines. At Missouri Military Academy, everyone participates in a sport – with plenty of varsity and middle school sports, plus other athletic activities, to choose from.


Field trips and off-campus activities.


Cadets experience the world with their brothers through faculty and staff-led off-campus trips. These activities take your son out of his room, and build memories that he’ll carry with him always. Field trips to museums and national monuments bring classroom learning to life. Attending ball games, marching in parades and paint ball games fill his free time with fun. A trip to Six Flags marks the end of a great academic year.

Residential life.

Our residence halls are supervised 24/7 by our trained staff. So, you can rest easy knowing your cadet is safe. He’ll enjoy making friends from his company of cadets, who are all quartered in the same hall. Each residence has a common area where the guys are able to relax, play foosball, shoot pool or just shoot the breeze. On weekends cadets can hang out in the Canteen, which has a snack bar, big-screen televisions and a video-game room.


Campus Amenities

From the moment you pull into our long circular drive, Missouri Military Academy inspires confidence. On deeper inspection you’ll be heartened by all that our 288-acre campus and our people can offer your son.

Ekern Health Center

MMA’s on-campus clinic stands ready to keep our cadets healthy and promote their physical and emotional wellness. Should your son get sick or injured, our clinic will provide a quiet place for him to rest and recover, and our team will stay in touch with you. They also closely monitor and administer any prescription medications he may need to ensure his safety.

Spiritual Life

Your son’s spirit will be fed at Missouri Military Academy too, and all faiths are encouraged to worship in their own way. Our chaplain welcomes any spiritual questions or discussions your son may want to have. On Sunday mornings, cadets go to the local house of worship of their choosing. Sunday evening Vespers, cadet-led, are devoted to quiet reflection.

A Rapelling Tower and So Much More

MMA offers a number of on campus amenities that will keep your son active, engaged and happy. MMA boasts four athletic fields, a field house with an indoor track, a fitness center, a rock climbing wall plus another 100-plus acres of outdoor facilities. Stables. A marksmanship range. Obstacle courses and trails. Adventure awaits at every turn. 

Meet the Commandant and his team.

Outside of school, cadet life comes under the command of Colonel Rick Grabowski and his team. They are the mentors, counselors and friends who help the cadets in every moment not spent in class. Most of Commandant Grabowski’s staff have extensive military training. All of them care deeply about the young men in their care.

Our purpose is not only to prepare your son for college, but to help him excel as a man.

Colonel Rick Grabowski, Commandant

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