Scouting America Troop 1889


Scouting has given me unforgettable memories, new experiences and valuable skills. Becoming an Eagle Scout required hard work but was also a lot of fun. I am incredibly proud of this accomplishment and the many skills the program has given me, and I will cherish them for life.


About Troop 1889

For more than 100 years, both Missouri Military Academy (MMA) and Scouting America (previously Boy Scouts of America) have been helping young men reach their full potential through a curriculum of academic and leadership skills and by imparting values of duty, honor and selfless service. The MMA Troop 1889 offers fun and challenging experiences that enhance character development and leadership skills.

Membership in MMA’s Scout troop is open to all MMA cadets. Progress within the Scouts can positively impact a cadet's rank advancement within the MMA corps, further enhancing their leadership journey. The commandant’s office is notified of merit badges earned and Scout advancement, and MMA staff support cadets in their pursuit of MMA leadership positions and aspirations for Eagle Scout.

Cadets who join Troop 1889 embark on a journey of growth, camaraderie, and service. Whether striving for Eagle Scout or simply looking to develop essential life skills, Troop 1889 is here to support Scouts every step of the way. 

Scouting America-MMA Scholarship for New Cadets
Scouts could qualify for the Boy Scout Leadership Scholarship (up to $8,000) to attend MMA! 
Awarded to qualifying new cadets. Contact Admissions to learn more!

Troop 1889 News & Updates 

Missouri Military Academy Cadet Mason Brooks Achieves Eagle Scout Rank

Missouri Military Academy Cadet Mason Brooks ’25 from Henrietta, Texas, has achieved the status of Eagle Scout, marking a significant milestone in his scouting journey. For his Eagle Scout project, Cadet Brooks addressed a pressing need on MMA's campus by installing trail markers on the back campus, enhancing navigation in challenging areas.

Our Recent Eagle Scouts

Eagle Scout, the highest rank in the Scouts program, is a distinction earned by only four percent of Scouts since 1911. To attain this prestigious rank, Scouts must earn a minimum of 21 merit badges, including vital skills like first aid, communication, personal fitness, sustainability, and camping. They also engage in leadership roles within the troop and complete an impactful Eagle Scout Service Project benefiting their community. Read full Eagle Scout requirements here.

Mason Brooks '25

For his Eagle Scout service project, Brooks addressed a pressing need on MMA's campus by installing trail markers on the back campus, enhancing navigation in challenging areas. While at MMA, Cadet Brooks also made history as the first cadet from any military school in the United States to win a National Progression Award for bag piping. This year, he will serve as the cadet battalion commander for the 136th MMA Corps of Cadets.

Michael Henderson '22

For his service project, Henderson led a construction project for Soul Food Café Mission in Conway. With the help of Troop 1889, Cadet Henderson built a cement loading area that Soul Food Café Mission uses to help provide food boxes to homeless individuals. He also transformed their recreational area by leveling the ground, installing footings and planting sod. The new recreational area is now used for staff and the homeless they serve to enjoy their donated meals.

Complementing Mission Statements

MMA Mission Statement: Empower young men to unlock their full potential through a program of academic excellence, competitive athletics, character and social development, and leadership training within a structured environment, emphasizing values of duty, honor and selfless service. See MMA's values here.

Scouting America Mission Statement: Prepare young people to make ethical and moral choices over their lifetimes by instilling in them the values of the Scout Oath and Law, which includes values of loyalty, kindness, bravery and more. See Scout Oath and Law here.  

Merit Badge University

Merit Badge University (MBU) is an event typically held at colleges and universities across the country that allows Scouts to complete merit badges and have an opportunity to meet with highly qualified professionals to learn and foster the development of lifelong interests. 

Every year, Missouri Military Academy hosts its annual Boy Scouts of America Merit Badge University. In 2024, over 600 Scouts, leaders and family members from seven states attended, doubling the number of attendees from 2023. 

Our 288-acre campus offers ideal settings for merit badge activities, including camping areas, trails, a lake for fishing, and indoor facilities for marksmanship and archery. Our trained military leaders and educators lead classes, ensuring Scouts receive excellent instruction.

MMA has the unique advantage of having a campus that is so advantageous to earning merit badges. Scout troops to take advantage of MMA's 288-acre campus, which has camping areas, trails, a lake, and indoor facilities that can accommodate everything from rifle marksmanship and archery to swimming, rock climbing and rappelling. 

Additionally, we are privileged to have a team of trained military leaders and educators who serve as instructors during Merit Badge University classes, or to MMA Scouts by request. Having an accessible, qualified team brings a wealth of knowledge and experience that enable Scouts receive top-notch instruction and guidance as they work towards earning merit badges.