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Leadership is in
our DNA.

We begin by making each new recruit responsible and accountable for his behavior, his room, his uniform and his assignments.  This is how self-discipline begins and it's continuously fostered in an environment where competition, teamwork and achievement are part of his every day life.


Unleashing his will to win.

There's nothing like success to fuel the desire to achieve more. It's why we ensure new cadets get a taste of it as early as possible. We also give them a clear path forward and help them set the short-term and long-term goals they work hard to attain. Our cadets are elevated through rank systems and awards and serve as role models for younger cadets. MMA is a culture based on achievement — one that gives everybody positive goals to aspire to. 

The Corps of Leadership Learning 

Each new recruit becomes a part of the MMA Corps of Cadets – a living, breathing, daily leadership program modeled after the army. Cadets work towards battalion leadership positions within four companies. The corps of cadets holds these young men accountable and challenges them with greater levels of responsibility as they rise within the ranks. 

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At Missouri Military Academy our cadets are recognized and awarded with a number of prestigious awards meant to inspire and challenge our best and brightest young men. In addition, cadets are awarded throughout the year for clear disciplinary records, military courtesy and academic excellence.

Legion of Honor

A cadet’s highest honor — membership is awarded to an outstanding cadet who, above all, demonstrates industry, integrity and an abiding sense of loyalty to the Academy, its officers and its policies. Selected by the MMA president annually.

Charles I. Wall Cup

This second highest leadership award at MMA, the Charles I. Wall Cup is named in honor of “Stoney” Wall ’22, a former All-American quarterback, and given to the cadet who best typifies these Academy ideals: character, leadership, scholarship, and service.  

Presidential Citation

The award is given at the president’s discretion to the cadet who goes above and beyond the call of duty for character and honor — bringing great credit to MMA and its corps of cadets.  

Fellowship Cup

Presented by Don W. Hooton, Legion of Honor Cadet of the Class of 1919, the cup is given to the cadet declared to be the most valuable to the Academy by vote of the corps of cadets.  

Major Jerome G. Harris Cup

This award is given to the senior cadet who possesses the most soldierly qualities by Col. Jerome G. Harris, a former professor of military science and tactics.

Red Ireland "Fighting Heart" Trophy

In honor of James “Red” Ireland, Class of 1941, notable MMA athlete, the trophy is awarded to the cadet with combined qualities of loyalty and courage to make a “fighting heart."

Fritsch Plaque

Presented in honor of John W. Fritsch ’49, this plaque is given to an 11th grade cadet who exemplifies honor, good discipline, academic excellence, and service to the Academy. 

Leadership Programs

Each of our leadership programs offers your son the opportunity to learn the role and responsibility of being a good leader, and reap the rewards of being one. 

Community Service Programs

High school cadets complete 16 community service hours each year, and middle school cadets complete 8. MMA cadets mentor local elementary kids through the Lunch Buddies program, help out at the Missouri Veterans Home, and more. 

Army JROTC Program

Through our Army JROTC program, cadets learn to become better citizens through leadership development. Our JROTC Fusileers drill, Raiders and rifle teams compete at the national level. Established in 1917, MMA’s JROTC program has earned the status of an Honor Unit with Distinction designation and gold star each year for more than 40 consecutive years.

Fusileers Drill Team

Our cadets compete in Armed Regulation Drill, Unarmed Regulation Drill, Armed Color Guard, Unarmed Color Guard, Armed Exhibition and Unarmed Exhibition. The MMA Fusileers Drill Team has earned national titles in 2019, 2020, 2022, and 2023. 

Our Heroes

Allow us to introduce you to just a few of our alumni
who have lived truly exceptional lives.

Love, Honor, Truth.
Words to Live By. 

Love may not be the first word that comes to mind when you think of a military school –
but love, along with honor and truth, make our code of conduct.
We teach cadets to let these words guide their behavior at MMA and beyond.
In so doing, we build young men who are caring, principled and forthright in all that they do.

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