2019-20 End-of-Year Travel Form

Please complete this form by May 1, 2020.

We request all parents adhere to our departure schedule to protect health and safety, maintain our strict containment policy and follow the guidelines established by health officials. Thank you for your support of our departure protocols and schedules listed below.

If you cannot meet the pick-up times listed or need to request an extension of your cadet’s stay on campus, please notify the commandant’s office at 573-581-1776 ext. 522 or via email at rick.grabowski@missourimilitaryacademy.com as soon as possible.

If you have more than one cadet in different grades/companies, please plan to pick your cadets up on the later departure date and contact the commandant’s office at 573-581-1776 ext. 522 or via email at rick.grabowski@missourimilitaryacademy.com to coordinate. Please complete a travel form for each cadet.

With questions regarding travel to the airport, please contact Director of Transportation Mark Tompkins at (573) 253-1443 or at mark.tompkins@missourimilitaryacademy.com.

With questions regarding pickup on campus, please contact Deputy Commandant of Operations Jeremy Beard at 573-581-1776 ext. 429 or jeremy.beard@missourimilitaryacademy.com.

Travel Plans

If you are picking up your cadet...

To limit the number of people picking up cadets at one time, each class has been assigned a pickup day and time. Departures will be made via pickup from Centennial Gymtorium parking lot. Your cadet and his belongings will be waiting for you there on his class’s assigned departure day and time.

Please provide the first and last name of the person picking up your cadet.

If your cadet is traveling with another cadet...

If your cadet will be flying...

The date and time of your cadet's air travel should be booked according to the departure date assigned to his grade level.

Please note: Airlines may require you to pay a special charge for an unaccompanied juvenile. To avoid delays, please provide MMA with a copy of your paid receipt for this service. An extra charge of $100 will be charged to your QM account. ​​​​​​​

Flight Information

Please note: If your cadet departs from campus early, an early departure fee of $300 may be assessed to his account.

By typing your name, you consent that all the information given above is accurate to the best of your knowledge. You consent to allow MMA to follow these instructions with the understanding that proper permission has been granted.​​
Please provide the best phone number to reach you at with questions or clarification about this travel form.​​​

Please provide an email address where we can send a link to your current form.

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