Middle school wrestling teaches cadets key maneuvers and wrestling tactics, developing their grit, strength and fortitude as individuals, so they are well-prepared to compete as varsity players during high school. Cadets who participate will achieve an appreciation for the values and discipline of wrestling, and develop a higher level of self-confidence and perseverance.

MMA Middle School Wrestling Schedule

Missouri Military Academy Wrestling Coach Levi Iman

Levi Iman, Head Wrestling Coach

Missouri Military Academy Assistant Wrestling Coach Mike Pfeifer

Mike Pfeifer, Assistant Wrestling Coach

Tom Allen, Assistant Wrestling Coach

Thomas Allen has nearly twenty years of experience coaching in football and wrestling. Prior to MMA, he had six years of experience coaching football and thirteen years of coaching wrestling. This experience is amplified by his personal experience with the sports – seven years playing competitive football, and sixteen years as a competitive wrestler.

Beyond his own athletic achievements, Allen has developed numerous State Championship wrestlers and over a dozen All-State wrestlers and football players.

“My main focus is on developing the skills of all athletes and taking them to their next level, regardless of where they are starting from,” Allen said. “I encourage my teams to work hard and listen. Together, we will achieve success.”

As a coach, Allen looks forward to helping cadets build a strong foundation for success, and is prepared to help them use their athletic abilities to succeed in their post-graduate lives.

“If any athlete wants to continue with their sport after high school, I will help them find a good college on the level where they will find the most success and maximum scholarship opportunities,” Allen said. “I have been successful doing this year after year for the past 30 seasons.”