MMA’s soccer team is composed of players from around the world, which gives them with a unique advantage when playing this international sport. Middle school cadets work on developing their skills and self-confidence as individuals and a team by sharing a common goal that can only be achieved through teamwork. Cadets will learn strength found in comradery, develop appreciation for the discipline of the sport, and be better prepared to compete as competitive varsity players later in their athletic careers.


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Elliot Goodwin, Head Soccer Coach

Elliot Goodwin is a United States Soccer C Licensed Coach and SafeSport certified. In addition to his professional soccer playing experience, Goodwin has coached for McKendree University and Saint Louis Scott Gallagher, and has led his teams to national tournaments and earned national rankings.

According to Goodwin, the most valuable aspect of soccer isn’t in the sport itself, but rather on the team.  

“No matter where you are from in the world, soccer is a universal sport which brings people together both on and off the field,” Goodwin said. “I value a positive culture within a team environment because a sense of togetherness and accountability allows individuals to feel significant as they pursue a common goal."